Spring summer fashion trends for 2018

The Spring summer fashion trends for 2018 brought an exciting mix of pastels, geometric, floral patterns and metallic accessories this year,all mixed to create unique pieces that any true fashionista will need to own. So today we are delighted to talk about what’s hot this season and give a few ideas on how to incorporate these trends into your everyday wholesale handbags outfits. If you are looking to make a statement no matter where you go, then this article is for you.

  1. Pastels

The designers have spoken, and pastels are all over the place. From dresses, with multiple layers of silk to trousers and blouses, you will see pastels everywhere. Moreover, you will get the chance to see the colour of the year chosen by Pantone in a very subtle interpretation, and that is as a delicate lilac tone. Of course, you can also incorporate pastels into your outfit by choosing a new purse or scarf and pair it with a white outfit. It will look amazing at a business meeting or a dinner for two.

  1. Black and white

It is absolutely impossible to go wrong with black or white. Create your entire outfit with one of those colours and expect a lot of compliments. You can complete the outfit with a monochrome bag in a bright color.

  1. Rainbow

Of course, designers couldn’t help themselves and created an alternative for those ladies out there who are not into pastels but more into bright colours. And we are not talking about just one statement colour but all the colours of the rainbow in one outfit. So, the only rule for the is to wear as many colours as possible. Challenging, right?

  1. Disco glam is back
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The glow and metallic patterns of the disco era are back and ready to conquer your heart. Whether it is a dress, body or suit, metallics and squints will give you all the glamour you’ll need. Just keep this style for special occasions like parties or clubs. And in this case, your bag should be as simple as possible.

  1. Rubber

As crazy as it may seem, rubberized materials are among the spring summer fashion trends for 2018, and everybody loves them. From coats, dresses or shoes to purses and bags, rubber is everywhere and, of course, it is present in very bright colours to cheer you up all day long. We bet you are not looking at those cleaning rubber gloves the same way as before, right?

  1. Floral

We all love flowers and designers all over the world are no exception. Floral patterns have been a thing for years, and due to their success, they are here to stay.

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