Benefits of Matar or Peas

Benefits of Matar or Peas

Matar or peas is used in a wide variety of dishes. Indian cuisine mostly uses this ingredient and relish fresh green peas especially during winters.

Any cookbook should have easily available ingredients. One such ingredient that’s accessible in the rasoi or kitchen is peas or matar. A plate of fried matar with a hot cup of tea can make your day. Above all peas are grown around the year and not seasonal.

Be it for breakfast or salad or for dinner peas break the monotony of daily meals as it can be presented in many ways. Some blogs have matar paneer recipe in hindi and many more languages as an array of dishes are prepared across different states. The gravy dishes are versatile and easy make or bake.

Added to this authentic pulao is mouth-watering, not to forget the vegetable biryani with flavourful peas. In a similar manner, you have to just stir them into rice or simply experiment to dish out an exciting culinary gem.

Here are some of the dishes pea-packed with benefits

Nutritional benefits: 

Peas are rich in Vitamin B, B6, and B12. The vitamins present in peas help in increasing red blood cells that aid oxygen supply. It also helps carry nutrients to follicles and promotes hair growth due to the present of folate.

Additional Benefits

Nutrients in peas also build immunity and are known for its anti-aging properties. It helps in maintaining body weight and reduces risks of stomach cancer. It boosts vitality in the body and help in fighting wrinkles and old age disease like osteoporosis, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. It’s ideal for patients with diabetes and it helps maintain blood sugar.

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Peas are beneficial it consumed during pregnancy as it helps improve digestion and good for eye-sight.

Pea Pods

 It’s been found that even peels of pods have health benefits and are used as an ingredient for preparing sabjis. It is a simple dish with chopped peels and diced potatoes mainly nutritious because of the fibre and antioxidants present in it.

Peels or skin of the pod provides a valuable source of vitamins just like and fruits and vegetables.

Time-saving snack

At any time of the day Peas can be used for preparing delicacies in easy steps. Popular snacks like pakoras, kebabs, and samosas don’t require elaborate prepping hours in the kitchen. Fried or roasted peas gives a magical twist to a gathering and yet keep things lighter for your pocket. They have to be combined with spices or used with a coating and make the perfect recipe to satiate your hunger.

Other Cravings

 There are a wide variety dishes that are also made to satisfy your cravings with peas. You can check matar paneer recipe in hindi to find the best culinary treats. Matar pulao is a hot favourite among north Indians and for a non-vegetarians peas can be combined with minced meat which is highly tempting.

For a healthy twist peas, Parathas is not just quick and easy but also wholesome. Pureed peas are rolled into the dough, which is either whole wheat or all-purpose flour. While whole wheat is a rich source of fibre peas adds to the goodness of it by helping control blood sugar levels.


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