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French restaurants mean a restaurant which serves French cuisine as their specialty. French restaurants have the special recipes which serve at different time. In France, French restaurants serve all three meals at a particular time. French cuisine has their special recipe and flavor. French restaurants serve breakfast  at early in the morning around 8.00am, because it is the first and important meal of the day and they serve lunch at the specific time, they start lunch opening  at 11.30am and ends  1.15pm. And dinner also serves around 7.45pm to 8.45pm. French cuisine has some special main course, which serves on the festive occasion. In French Restaurants French cuisine is serving in a different meal like the snack, main course. In Delhi their few best French restaurants in Delhi.

French cuisine has a different flavor and has different ingredients. French cuisine is the simple technique with right ingredients. You can easily create amazing French meal in your own kitchen on an average weeknight. French cuisine creates by a different method like roasting, boiling poaching.

French people have different taste and flavor. They enjoy their food on the special occasion by celebrating the party.  French cuisine has their authentic and traditional taste. In the 14th century, French people started to make their cuisine. French cuisine is sophisticated, it’s a simple technique. It’s all about creating a harmonious dish, which has the quality of ingredients, which increase the taste of that dish.

In France capital Paris there are 5000+ restaurants. In these restaurants, there are guides who assist to do an experiment in the dishes. France there is N number of restaurants. In these restaurants, there are few restaurants which are very famous all over the world. The most popular and successful restaurant in France is the Michelin Guide Rouge. Which covers 50% market share in France?  Its star rating has an enormous effect on the profit and loss of the restaurant financial condition.

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In west truffle means chocolates but in France, the truffle is a different dish.  Truffle is a favorite Food in France. People eat so much. France restaurant offer n number of French traditional dish at reasonable rates. In Delhi there are also few best French restaurants in Delhi, which offers French food.

In France on an average two new cookbooks are published every day in France, because people are so much foodie in France. There are so many cooks who published their cookbooks, for example, American Julia Child introduces her debut cookbook, mastering the Art of French Cooking.

In French there are four different approaches, which are used in French food:

  • Classical French cuisine: this cuisine has multiple dishes and rich in flavor and cream and other products
  • Haute cuisine: it is a classical cuisine, which emphasis on presentation.
  • Nouvelle Cuisine was developed in the 1970s. Its cooking method is brief and quicker and used cream sauces.
  • Cuisine du terroir: it focused on regional specialty and have local routes and traditional.


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