How to fix ‘request timeout’ error message

The error message 404 (request timeout) is an HTTP code that indicates the web page you requested to server could not found. Another possibility that may appear is that you entered wrong URL. The 404 error message repeatedly adapt by every site, especially the large ones. During Netgear WiFi Extender Setup when you log in to mywifiext, you see the same error message. It is just because the mentioned URL is a local web address rather than a standard website on Internet.

If you are facing the same issue, just have a look at our post where we have provided some troubleshooting tips for you. Let’s delve in.

Troubleshooting the error message

  1. Refresh the web page.
  2. Make the use of another web browser.
  3. Clear all the malware, malicious files, cache, cookies as well as the entire browsing history from your device.
  4. Restart your device and type the URL again.
  5. Check your Internet connection whether your WiFi is enabled and active or not.


  1. Make sure that your device is properly and physically connected to the modem with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  2. The router is not supposed to be hidden.
  3. Receive live Internet connection from it, not heat.
  4. Avoid configuring devices with each other in high-voltage.
  5. Make the use of a valid IP address. Have a word with your Internet Service Provider regarding the same.


  1. Introduce all your existing devices to the newly arrived one.
  2. Take your router enough close to the range extender.
  3. Connect your new device to any of your wired or wireless devices with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  4. Launch a web browser and carefully type mywifiext,into the address bar of the webpage.

Note- do not proceed until you see stable green lights on your devices.

Things to get rid off

  1. Anger and frustration.
  2. During the process of configuration, avoid connecting multiple devices at the same time. This leads to the least low connectivity and signal breakage.
  3. Turn off all the metal, Bluetooth and WiFi objects on or off the process of installation.
  4. Disable public WiFi.
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Things to implement during the process of configuration

  • Patience and control.
  • Install Netgear Genie app.
  • Make configuration easy and secure by making it done via Netgear Genie Setup
  • Set an extra strong and easy password.
  • Do not touch wireless setting, until you are aware of it. If you still want to change, do not do so without the guidance of your Internet Service Provider or an IT guy.
  • Set a limit for your guest access and parental control.

Netgear Genie is the desktop app that manages and repairs your entire home networking system. It is compatible with all your smart devices. This app is a big achievement to your Netgear WiFi Extender Setup. Just install and enter the default username and password after that you see that positive responses are waiting for you to hold their hand and keep following them until you reach your destination to finish the setup.

If you still face the error message or request time issues, just follow the last step and that will definitely help you.

  • Keep yourself prepared to accept the challenges of latest technologies by enabling notifications that will update you to upgrade your devices timely.
  • Restart your system once along with all the wireless security settings you applied.
  • Turn off the devices when not in use.
  • Switch to range extenders or repeaters to achieve high speed of Internet everywhere in the house.

We hope that the above-shared views really gave satisfactorily answers to all your questions. If they are still left, drop them in the comment box given below. We will be happy to listen to you and eagerly waiting to solve them instantly.

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