Surprise Options for Your Dad’s 50th Birthday

Birthdays are extremely special and when it’s your dad’s birthday, you need to go that extra mile to ensure the birthday celebrations are perfect! How do you go about surprising your dad on this 50th birthday? Here are a few options for surprising your dad on his birthday –

Plan a surprise party at midnight
The all-time classic birthday eve party at midnight is the one thing that you can never go wrong with. You can plan out a surprise birthday with all your closest relatives and your dad’s friends and have them over a few minutes before midnight. Your mom or your siblings can take your dad out for a walk and have him come over a few minutes before midnight! This way, the entire surprise birthday party gang will be waiting for him once he gets home and everyone can celebrate together! You can arrange for sweets, chocolates and birthday cake from any Jaipur sweets shop that does midnight delivery as well. Don’t forget the balloon and confetti!

Office desk items
If your dad is a workaholic and loves to organize his desk, then you can create a neat office area décor list for him! You could get customized stationery and post-its holders along with personalized diaries for his everyday task list. Along with that, you can also look for tiny decorative items for his desk such a small money plant, a tiny succulent plant and other such low maintenance plants that will add a pop of color to the desk but don’t require too much maintenance hassle. You can easily order these items online from any e-gifting website that does online gift delivery in Jaipur and across India.

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Do a daddy’s day out
You can ask your dad to take the day off if his birthday doesn’t fall on a weekend and plan a whole day with the family where you all do the activities that he enjoys. For example, you could take your dad golfing if he loves to golf and hasn’t been able to take the time off to do it! You could go watch a movie together, get a nice brunch date setup with your dad and even take him to a salon to get his hair cut and beard in shape! This could be a fun-bonding day for the entire family and will definitely make his birthday even more special!

Weekend Getaway
Plan out a weekend getaway to a nearby resort or hill station with the entire family to celebrate your dad’s birthday! The entire family could chip in to match the budget for this all expenses paid mini vacay for your dad! This trip will help him destress and enjoy his special day to the fullest. Away from all the city traffic and noise, a quiet resort next to the hills or the beach will be an excellent way to celebrate your dad’s 50th birthday! Don’t forget to click a lot of photos and record a lot of videos from this trip!