Unwind in the Rich Greenery & Modern Air of Chandigarh

Nothing can match the charm of visiting different places and exploring their richness. In India, there is no shortage of places to go to. If you want to experience a blend of greenery and advancements, then you must not skip Chandigarh ‘The Beautiful City.’ Chandigarh is a place that is brimming with greenery has systematic layouts and still has a covering of modernity in it. The city is not just a modern, but it is also one of the youngest cities of this country.

How to go to Chandigarh?

If you are planning to go to this city of greenery and modernity; you won’t get any inconvenience. The city is nicely connected with different places of India, and you can even find direct or indirect flights too. Of course, the city is linked through bus and trains too.  However, the best mode of transportation would be a personal taxi. You can hire Delhi to Chandigarh taxi and simply explore the richness of this city. Once you have your own taxi, you can halt at different spots and visit the city at your own pace.  The distance from Delhi to Chandigarh is nearly 243 kilometers through NH 1 and NH 44. Similarly, travel time is only 4 hour to 4: 30 hours by own vehicle.

Important things

Even if you are going to this city for the first time, you would certainly love it. The road from Delhi to Chandigarh is good and always busy. You can carry water and snacks along if you don’t want to get into the hassles of halting at hotels or dhabas on the way. However, the route is flooded with nice restaurants, hotels, dhabas, and even haveli.

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Spots to Visit in Chandigarh

  • Rose Garden: It is the largest botanical garden in Asia. Zakir Husain Rose Garden is scattered over wide 30 acres of area.  The majority of zone plants a variety of roses. You can even see various varieties of medicinal herbs too. The place is a visual and sensual delight.
  • Rock Garden: It is situated near Sukhna Lake and not only adds beauty to this city but is also responsible for scenic gorgeousness. Once you witness the garden, you will notice various interweaved paths running along waterfall of the nearby lake. For the art buffs, the garden encompasses landscapes of pottery, sculptures of dancers, musicians, and animals. All these characters are beautifully crafted with rock, and for a minute, they seem to be real.
  • ISKCON Temple: It is enticing and full of delight. The temple features lovely deities of God Krishna and his love of life Radha. Visitors experience the presence of God and their superpowers. You can find a good rush at this place, and the temple looks stunningly elegant.
  • ChattBir Zoo: it is situated very close to Chandigarh on Zirkpur road. This place houses many reptiles, mammals, birds, and other wild animals.  People know it as Mahendra Zoological Park. Though the spot is full of wild animals, the Lion Safari is one chief attraction.

Thus, if you have any plans to unwind, Chandigarh awaits you!