Tomato and cheese can make food better

Tomato is very good for health. So is cheese. Tomato has high Vitamin C content and that is why; it is very beneficial for health. So if you can add these two ingredients in your cooking, it can turn into a healthy dish.

One can get a lot of cheese tomato recipe in Hindi if they look at the cook book. They can always try them at home. Here are some healthy recipes that one can look for.

 Roasted tomato soup

To cook this, one needs some raw tomatoes and unpeeled garlic. You have to drizzle it with olive oil and then roast for some time. After peeling the tomatoes you can add half a cup of basil into it. To make it tastier, one can add some chicken stock into it as well. Add some grated cheese as garnish. This is a very tasty snack option if you are feeling hungry in the evening. Also you can take it as a meal option if you are on a diet and a bit health conscious. In winter nothing can match up to a hot steaming bowl of soup. So go for it.

Cherry tomato, anchovy and pine nut pasta

You can cook these thinly sliced tomatoes in olive oil and later add some cooked spaghetti, anchovy fillets and toasted pine nuts into it. You can also add some chopped parsley on top of it with some shaved parmesan as well. Season it with pepper if necessary. This can be a great and healthy meal option for you.

Grilled fish with salsa

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If you are fish lover, then this can be the perfect dish for you. Take some fish fillets and coat it with a mix of cumin seeds, lime juice, garlic cloves and olive oil. Then roast it or grill it for a few minutes before serving. Do not forget to dress it with some fresh slice of tomatoes and coriander leaves. You can also add sauce of your own choice.

Tomato and prosciutto pizza

Who does not like to have a bite if pizza? This can be a great starter item if you are throwing a party for your friends. Tomatoes and sprinkled cheese can be perfect toppings on any pizza base. You can add some fresh basil in top of it.

Tomato and goats cheese tarts

Winter is here. So try a bite in tarts if you want. You will need some pastry sheets, caramelised onions, tomatoes and goat’s cheese to make them. Bake them until it turns golden. This can be a brilliant bite in a winter evening.

 Warm tomato and olive pasta salad

Salad is a very healthy option when it comes to meal. Take some chopped red onions, olive oil, crushed garlic, some pasta noodles and tomatoes to make this healthy dish. Also add some chopped oregano and grated cheese to make it tastier.

These are very healthy options to try at home and one does not even need much time to prepare them. So, go ahead and try them.