Virtual Food Diaries – A Gift of Technology Advancement

Virtual Food Diaries

Gone are the days when people called their grandmothers for food recipes. Gone are the days when people sifted through files and papers to find that one recipe with the right count of ingredients required to create food that impresses the guests. The 21st century has seen the advent of technology, with state of the art transformations unimaginable in many spheres of the world, and the culinary world has been no exception. Traditional cookbooks and grandma’s handwritten recipes are slowly becoming obsolete as the virtual world is becoming more active in today’s fast-paced world.

Recipe apps and online cookbooks are the new choices when it comes to amateur cooks trying their hand at cooking. Whether it is something as complex as Shepherd’s Pie or something as simple as Classic Maggi, these apps have everything to help a person make a delicious meal for themselves. Here are a few features of cooking apps that are a great boon to all types of cooks-

  • The choice crisis is resolved. Whether you are the CEO of a huge corporate conglomerate or the trusty homemaker, there are millions of recipes to choose from. There is a huge database of these recipes and hence the various choices help to make many users happy.
  • The instructions are provided in a step by step manner with proper pictures to illustrate the dish’s preparation. This makes preparation simpler, because certain cooking techniques such as baking and filleting require a visual representation that many cookbooks don’t offer.
  • The ingredients mentioned are of perfect proportions which can be adjusted to your requirements. This means that the same dish to be prepared for 4 people can also be adjusted to 2 people, just by simply clicking and swiping on your tablet.
  • These apps also give you nutritional information, which aims at healthy cooking and commendable taste.
  • Multitasking is made easier through cooking apps. A lavish party preparation requires the preparation of many dishes, which becomes difficult if you have to flip through pages of a cookbook.
  • There are video tutorials by renowned chefs on the internet. You can easily search the recipes of famous chefs and create dishes like they can in the confines of your kitchen.
  • These apps are also connected to social media handles, which makes it easy to view recipes from all over the world on your screen. Besides, you can also promote your own recipes and modifications. These apps can be synced with all your devices, which come in handy while creating shopping lists.
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However, with all its virtues, come a few vices? Kitchens can be messy with the sauces, soups, flour, and spices used while cooking. While cookbooks are strong enough to resist this mess with a few stains, tablets and mobile phones do not take it that easy. Apart from that, Google launched the new online recipe search, which caters to recipes which use leftovers to create new dishes. These recipes are low-calorie quick meals, which don’t mean they’re healthy. Hence, diets and speedy meals have become the norm of the internet. This kills that traditional touch in food, which is the essence of good cooking.

In the war between cookbooks and cooking apps, there’s no saying who will win.


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