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A synthesized version of testosterone, the Oxandrolone is known to increase body strength, enhance muscle mass and remove unnecessary body fat in combination with the appropriate exercise and diet. Though known to be a weak steroid in comparison to its substitute products this anabolic steroid has retained its popularity due to its mild and infrequent side effects. This high anabolic and mild androgenic steroid is a great choice for beginners looking to make an entry into the steroid community. This supplement is even better for females who are in search for a performance-enhancing drug with mild side effects. Unlike other supplements the mild side effects that is found in this product is usually temporary with chances of restriction if taken under proper medical care in right doses. Since its introduction it has not only been used as a mass gaining supplement but also as a medicine due to its restorative and healing properties. You will only have to choose the right dosage level according to your requirement to get the desired results.


Sale by authorized distributors

There are several dealers who claim to sell body building supplements but it is always recommended to purchase on from an authorized dealer; the reasons are many. Firstly, not all drugs are allowed to be sold in the open market and even if it is so, they are not allowed to be purchased without a prescribed letter from the physician. So, purchasing one from an authorized dealer will help you to avoid any legal complications as they are not allowed to provide such drugs without a prescription. Another major benefit that can be availed is that the chance of purchasing a duplicate product is entirely quashed. An authorized dealer will only sell the original product in the market as they are engaged to promote a particular brand and avoid marketing of duplicate items. There are many online sellers as well who provides the facility of delivering the product to your destination in case you place an order online. However, proper recommendation from a physician is necessary for the best cycle results.

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Effective usage cycles

The appropriate cycle of this anabolic drug is different for men and women and it is mostly preferred during the cutting cycle. Following Anavar only cycles is sufficient for women while men may prefer to stack testosterone to get more pronounced results. During cutting cycles this supplement lasts for about eight weeks. A popular dose of testosterone propionate of 100mg daily, Anavar of about 50 to 100mg per day, Aromasin of about 10mg daily and HCG of 500iu twice weekly. However for bulking purpose men may take up to a maximum of 120mg per day and stack Deca Durabolin or Trenbolone at their choice. For women, the general cycle will last for about six weeks and they can incorporate HGH with it to enhance its benefits while keeping the side-effects to a minimum. You should take this anabolic steroid as recommended for the best cycle results.

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