Biological safety cabinet vs. laminar flow hoods

Biological safety cabinet

Laminar flow hoods and the bio safety cabinets are both essentially used for the same function and that is to purify the air inside laboratories and industrial work areas. Laminar flow hoods use air flow to push the contaminated air with harmful and toxic particles out and the keep the healthier air in. Bio safety cabinets are also used for the same purpose but in these cabinets, the contaminants are stored inside the cabinet only to be disposed of later on. The contaminants are not expelled out with the air like in laminar flow hoods. In this article you will learn about both laminar flow hoods and bio safety cabinets.

Laminar flow hoods

Laminar flow hoods will purify the environment inside your working laboratory and keep the environment there safe. The laminar flow hoods shall be purifying the air quality in your laboratory by getting all the toxic and chemical particles from the air and this will include harmful microorganisms also. The air in all laboratories gets easily contaminated with bad contaminants and hence it is important for the lab workers to be shielded from this. These hoods are vital safety equipment for laboratories.

There are primarily two different designs of the laminar flow hood: the vertical flow hood and the horizontal flow hood. The vertical laminar flow hoods will channel all the air in a room through special mechanisms of in taking where a blower shall direct the air towards high efficiency air filters after which the unclean air will get eliminated through exhaust vents and shall leave the lab facility completely and dissipate outside. Horizontal laminar flow hoods work in the manner of work benches, beneath the surface for working you can find a filter that will be drawing air in the air filter. The air that comes out from this filter will then be cycled all over your work surface.

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Bio Safety Cabinets

The bio safety cabinets are available in various different configurations and they work on the principle of creating vacuums which sucks the contaminants from the work place. The bio safety cabinets can get used with different applications for instance in the biological labs, the industry of wood working, the manufacturing of electrical parts industry, and so on. They may also be converted for getting used in other process. There are some cabinets in which an extra pedal is also provided for helping with customizing the applications of the different cabinets. The bio safety cabinets also are found in the manner of the vacuum bags. The bags can be easily found in the market in different sizes. These cabinets store the contaminants in them and after word you need to dispose the contents of the cabinets outside in places where people do not live.


The primary function of both laminar flow hoods and bio safety cabinets is to help with the cleaning process. These equipments have to be kept in the laboratories and industrial factories. Hopefully this article would have helped you.

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