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The visionary organ, eyes, is one of the sensitive organs of the body. In this fast-paced world, people don’t pay adequate care to their visionary senses. As a result, the optical nerves weaken and hence, the vision becomes blurred partially or, in some cases, completely. To overcome the visionary loss, people are largely opting for Lasik laser eye surgery now. The Lasik laser eye surgery is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance afterward. Apart from the surgery, there is another way to prevent vision impairment. Perform eye exercises and improve your blurry vision. The exercises are a good alternative than wearing glasses. They keep the visionary system healthy, and relieve tension and pain that are caused by recurring eye strains.

 If you want to keep your eyes healthy and away from all pains, then follow the below-listed exercises.

Eye Exercises to Keep Optical Nerves Healthy and Fit 

In the digitalized world, multiskilled gadgets have engaged the life of people. As a result, people are often seen glued to the viewports of their devices. To avert the bad effects of unhealthy lifestyle, people should do eye exercises on a daily basis. To know these eye exercises, then here is the detailed information.

1. 20-20-20 formula

Use the 20-20-20 formula to relieve eye strains. This exercise is recommended when an individual is using the computer and also, after Lasik laser eye surgery. To perform this exercise, an individual has to look at a distance of up to 20 feet after every 20 seconds. Perform this exercise continuously after an interval of 20 minutes.

2. Place Palms on the Eyes

Placing palms on the eye sockets is another eye exercise that can correct the eye vision. Herein, the individual has to place palms on the eye socket and slightly press eyes for 30 seconds. By performing this exercise, eyes will be relaxed and vision will be drastically improved.

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Today, it is generally believed that eye exercises can’t benefit the visionary system much. However, the perception is wrong because eye exercises are equally beneficial as Lasik laser eye surgery is. The results of exercises are slowly visible, whereas the outcomes of the Lasik laser eye surgery are seen promptly.

Also, the eye exercises help to reset the vision. Therefore, practice them regularly without breaking the routine.

3. Strengthen Eyes by Focusing on Distanced Objects

By moving the pupils back and forth, and side-to-side, the optical nerves strengthen. Thus, the vision gets improved. Practice this exercise while using computers, and studying. For beginners, it is suggested to use their thumb while looking at the distanced objects. Bring the thumb in front of the nose. Count up to 5 and then, fully stretch out the arm.

While stretching out the arm, repeat the counting and focus on the thumb. This exercise can also be performed in a room and without making use of the thumb. In the room, look across various articles that are placed in it. Focus on those articles for 5 to 10 seconds. Take the eyes off and relax for few seconds and then, proceed the same practice again.

Other than the room, the exercise can be performed in an open area too. Perform the exercise in the same manner as done in the room. Moreover, take frequents breaks while looking at long distances and blink eyes more than the usual.

All these exercises are beneficial to correct the vision. They can also be performed after Lasik laser eye surgery. For more information regarding eye care, visit Contoura Vision India.


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