Making the Most of Train Trips is an Art

Train Trips

There are different types of journeys. People go by road, by air, by bus and by train. Talking about India, people have a great love for train trips. You might be thinking that trains are pathetic and really unwelcoming right? Well, it is something that depends on the traveller. You can make the most of a train journey if you have the right things to do in hand. Of course whether you are poor or rich, these train journeys give you an experience that fills everyone with something to ponder about and something to cherish all their lives.

Begin with sightseeing

Whenever you go for a train trip, you come across different sites and places. No matter how many times you have gone through that route, these scenes are always new and different. The good part about these train journeys is that they fill you with a taste of world. Carry out a single trip and you would know so much about so many things. Rows of trees, mountains, houses, cottages, fields, splashing rivers, bridges and many other spots are witnessed by the passengers. The best part is that you can feel the essence of different places. Sometimes you see the people doing the daily chores and washing clothes on the edges of rivers.  Indeed, be it nature, concrete world or people; you get to see everything in plenty during a train journey.

Check your knowledge

Do you think you know everything about your country and about the people live therein? Well, while you are going in a train, you might come across many people belonging to different places and having different backgrounds. This diversity is going to teach you so much about the country you live in. once you talk to people travelling in the same compartment; you would have an idea about the different viewpoints that they keep. Similarly you get to know about the place they belong to and their culture. Of course, even if you are not talking personal or professional things; that is absolutely alright. Even the general talks lend you a lot of information to learn from.

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Variety in Food

Maybe you have eaten diverse food items in a restaurant or hotel but what about train? Do you generally pack your food and carry it along? Well, what if someone tells you that you can try out the different food items of different places your train crossing? Exactly, food in train is no longer a far cry. You can even order the food if you don’t like the train food. You can place an order well in time and the ordered food gets delivered once you reach the next station. You get hot, sealed, spicy and preferred food items. You can even explore the food of those areas too. Simply order the special food of that place and you would be delivered the same soon. Usually you have to order when your train has an hour to reach the next station. This way the order gets ready and you receive it once you reach the next station.

So, making the most of everything is an art. Use these things and apply this art in your next train journey!


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