How to Spot the Best Lace Front Wigs for the Money

Lace front wigs are becoming increasingly popular for celebrities and everyday people alike. Whether they are worn because of hair loss or as a convenience to change hair styles with ease, the variety of these wigs that are now available make it even easier for more people to get a good quality wig that looks like their natural hair.


Lace front wigs offer some versatility in style by having lace in the front that prevents the cap from being noticeable. Wigs no longer have to have bangs or be swept forward to prevent being able to see the wig cap. What they can’t do is part the hair behind the lace section or pull hair up into a ponytail or up-do. Many buyers buy lace front wigs from Sassy Secret because pf the high quality and the front lace section that is significantly larger than other kinds of wigs. This feature gives the wig more versatility to style and part farther back.

Choosing the Type of Hair

The best lace front wigs are those made from real human hair that has the cuticles intact. Virgin hair, or that which has not been colored or permed, is usually the highest quality and the most expensive. Wigs made from Remy hair are also made from real human hair but it has already been dyed.

Synthetic wigs cannot be styled with blow dryers or curling and flat irons and it cannot be shampooed. If you apply heat or try to wash it, you will damage the hair. The appearance of synthetic hair is also less natural looking than real hear.

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There are lace front wigs made from hair from different countries to give more women the option to match their natural texture. For black women who want to cover hair loss, the availability of curly to kinky wigs makes it easier to get the natural looking hair that they want.

Choosing the best lace front wigs for you depends on how much you will wear it and the options that are available to you. If you want to style your wig into different styles and achieve a natural looking head of hair, then investing in a virgin hair wig may be the best choice for you. If you prefer a wig that costs less and that you only want to wear occasionally, a synthetic one may be the best option for your needs and budget.

If you plan to leave your wig in place for extended period of time, it will not last as long as it would with infrequent wear. The best lace front wigs may cost a little more but they will provide you with the longest wearing time and the best value overall.

Where to Buy

The quality of the store that you buy from is just as important as the quality of the wig. Look for testimonials and don’t rely on price alone. If a lot of other customers feel that a store has the best lace front wigs at the best price, they are probably your best bet.