Professional Treatment Procedures by Dentists in Delhi for Dental Problems

Amongst the most common and often neglected issues are problems related to the teeth. People mostly overlook tooth related issues and avoid visits to the dentist. Some of the most common issues faced by tooth patients are teeth discoloration. At a certain age people get concerned about their appearance and seek appropriate treatment methods for tooth discoloration.

A number of reasons might be associated to this particular condition such as smoking cigarette, tobacco chewing, cold drinks, coffee and other compounds that cause damage to the enamel and lead to discoloration of the overall tooth region. To seek quick relief the best bet for patients would be to visit the right treatment center for teeth whitening treatment in Delhi.

Why teeth whitening treatment in Delhi?

Dentists in Delhi are experienced professionals and provide successful outcomes in a safe way while taking less time. Besides other treatment processes for whitening teeth, the main procedure is to bleach the entire affected area. The bleaching process is ideal for obtaining the desired tooth shade. The overall procedure for whitening of teeth is quite simple as it begins with a short preparation for covering the gums and lips white leaving only the region of teeth exposed. Then afterwards gel and light is applied for penetration of teeth, changing discoloration and brightening up of stains.

Clinical studies and extensive research mostly indicate the fact that whitening of the teeth under a dentist’s supervision is a safe procedure. In fact, according to many dentists tooth whitening is thought to be the safest dental cosmetic process yet.

Treatment for Wisdom tooth in Delhi

Other treatment option that can be tried for severe toothache problems is the Wisdom tooth treatment in Delhi. Wisdom teeth that are third molars are also the last teeth that can erupt in the oral cavity. Mainly four wisdom teeth are present. One can be found in each quadrant. At many times wisdom teeth might remain completely or partially impacted in jawbone. The condition might result in gum infection, localized decay, teeth displacement and crowding of the other teeth in surrounding cavity. Wisdom molars that are affected might be present in unusual positions, sometimes vertically or horizontally that would prevent eruption of the tooth within the oral cavity.

Treatment options for decaying tooth

People who are suffering from infected or decayed tooth generally go through the extraction treatment procedure. The process is mainly meant for troublesome or impacted wisdom tooth and in some cases permanent teeth are also treated.

Generally dentists follow two treatment procedures for tooth extraction that are categorized as “surgical” or “simple”. The surgical extraction process would be the right fit for teeth that are completely impacted (erupted) or are broken beneath gums and simple tooth extractions are meant for visible tooth portions.


In most cases, it would be advisable to extract affected wisdom teeth. The general treatment procedure for treatment of wisdom teeth involves making an incision and removal of overlying bone that would expose the crown of impacted teeth.

Tips for speeding up the healing process

  • Generally dentists apply ice packs on cheek for minimizing swelling post operation. The gauze is bitten to stop the bleeding.
  • Drink additional fluids and eat soft foods
  • After surgery brush softly and gently in the affected area.
  • Follow the provided instructions by your dentist and take the right prescribed medications

All people have different wisdom teeth and different treatment options are available depending on the way it grows. All these can bear different impact on the tissues and bones. All the varied developments like horizontal, slant placement or impaction might cause troubles and affect other teeth regions. Either the teeth can be extracted in one piece and surgically gets removed and sectioned. Later on the site is sutured for facilitation of healing.

With extraction procedures and other treatment processes it is entirely possible to recover through general tooth problems. It’s in best favor to visit your nearest dentist for all teeth and gum related problems.