If your business has outgrown shared hosting and is not yet ready for dedicated server hosting, then the best option available is VPS server hosting. When you are looking for a reliable and reputed VPS server hosting service, you might not be able to make the right choice because there are many options available. Experts recommend using the services of Go4hosting because they are best and cheap VPS hosting provider in India.

What Is VPS Server And Why Use It

VPS or virtual private server is one that has been sliced or partitioned into many servers with each one functioning as an independent server having its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth. The user can see only their virtual environment which acts as a completely independent entity. They can reboot, switch off or restart their server independently without their actions affecting the status or performance of other VPS server users on the same system.

How VPS Server Hosting From Go4hosting Is Different

As the best and cheap VPS server hosting provider in India, Go4hosting is the first choice of companies looking for a VPS server that offers high value features and has competitively-priced plans. You can choose from Windows or Linux operating system to run your virtual private server. Go4hosting makes sure that your VPS server is quickly deployed and activated sol that your business is up and running in full steam in the quickest possible time. With Go4hosting, you can enjoy highly reliable VPS hosting service, that does not suffer any performance issues because of the actions of other clients.

Go4hosting offers a user-friendly control panel that gives you full access to the server configuration. Depending on the specific demands of your business, you can add or remove websites. There are individual control panels provided for every website. You are free to install custom software or modify the functioning and capabilities of existing software.

Superior Features

If your regular website traffic is increasing steadily and your shared server is unable to cope up with the increase in footfalls, it is the right time to consider VPS server hosting service from Go4hosting. With over a decade and half of experience in the server hosting industry and a highly successful track record to flaunt, Go4hosting has emerged as one of the best server hosting services when it comes to VPS hosting.

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Advantages Of Using VPS Server Hosting From Go4hosting

The best and cheap VPS hosting provider in India offer a range of hosting services that are designed to accommodate your varying hosting needs effectively. There are personalized VPS hosting plans that include everything your business might need to manage your existing and future applications. These are not the only reasons why you should choose Go4hosting for your VPS hosting needs. They offer many other benefits as well. These include:

• You can get full SSH/RDP access to virtual private space
• Enjoy the efficiency of enterprise-grade HVAC and prevention systems
• You get access to dedicated IP, storage capacity, and mailing server
• The service supports all the Windows and Linux versions

Go4hosting Offers High Reliability

Go4hosting VPS server hosting plans offer user-friendly Parallel Plesk/cPanel. You can choose the operating system that best meets your business needs and also access a range of hardware. Any glitch in the server system is instantly detected by the advanced management and monitoring system that works efficiently round the clock. VPS server hosting from Go4hosting comes with scalable disk space, compute and IT resources. You can be sure of getting the best features at the right price with their transparent billing features.

Scalable And Affordable To Use For All Types Of Online Businesses

Go4hosting makes use of best quality, enterprise-grade servers to ensure that the services they offer score high on the reliability factor. Using the services of an untested and unreliable hosting service can have severe implications on the reputation of your business. Go4hosting servers are configured with latest Intel Xeon E5 processors to deliver a seamless and smooth hosting experience. Features like the upgradable RAM and superior storage technology makes them a hugely reliable service that you can trust to deliver top grade performance consistently.

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