Prostate cancer surgery: About the early stage

There are different types of cancer that affects people across the globe. One such type is prostate cancer which needs to be treated if diagnosed with. The very first thing that doctors advise patients who are diagnosed with this ailment is to relax and be calm. The very term ‘cancer’ can be really painful and make the person and the entire family to get emotionally charged and to face distress. The doctors do state that there will not be required to make any hasty decisions to go ahead with the surgical procedure. But, if the person is recommended by the health practitioner to undertake this procedure, then he/she need not worry as Prostate Cancer Surgery cost in India is quite reasonable.

About prostate cancer

It is considered to be among the common forms of cancer that is diagnosed in men. But it is just one out of 34 who succumb to it. As a matter of fact, majority of the men are found to live their full lives and even are not aware of their having microscopic traces of the ailment. Studies have revealed that millions of survivors are present of prostate cancer all over the world. But facing cancer is not that easy. However, several reasons do exist for hope.

Available treatment options

Five treatment options do exist after diagnosing the ailment, which are given below:

  • Observation
  • Freezing of cancerous prostate or Cryotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Prostate removal or Prostatectomy
  • Hormone therapy along with Cryotherapy or radiation

The common choices among these options are radiation therapy and surgery.

Prostate cancer surgical procedure

There are various aspects that are taken into account before prescribing the course of treatment like general health, age, cancer stage and if or not the cancer is found localized and the chances to rectify the issue. A good number of men are found to be excellent candidates to avail radical prostatectomy, stated to be a procedure for eliminating the whole prostate including nearby tissue assumed to have the dangerous cancer cells. If chances to leave behind the cancerous cells are found to be slim, and wherever possible, surgical remedy is prescribed by the physician.

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Surgical options

Previously, surgical options were limited and included large incision being performed within the abdomen region including significant recovery period. But, modern medicine allows the patients to avail laparoscopy which is done through small incisions. This type of surgical procedure is performed by either robot assisted surgery or hand. Cutting edge technology is used by robotic prostatectomy surgery, thereby providing the surgeon with enhanced motion range and visibility to allow thorough surgery. The patient also enjoys several benefits like:

  • Less pain
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Lower occurrence of impotence and incontinence
  • Less blood loss
  • Reduced infection risks

Some special considerations

Surgical procedures might not help to eliminate all cancer cells and there will be required additional therapies. Also can be faced side effects like erectile and incontinence issues after surgery. The specialist can provide a detailed idea on the success of the surgery and about the Prostate Cancer Surgery cost in India.

Symptoms and signs of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer during its early stage does not show any signs or symptoms. Generally, it is diagnosed with DRE, a procedure termed as screening or PSA test. In case, DRE or PSA Test indicates presence of prostate cancer, then more testing and monitoring will be necessary to diagnose it completely. If signs or symptoms are caused by prostate cancer, usually, it is diagnosed during the later stage. Such signs and symptoms could include the following:

  • Uninterrupted or weak urine flow or the urgent need to empty bladder.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Urge to frequently urinate at night time.
  • Blood present in seminal fluid.
  • Blood in urine.
  • Burning or pain sensation during urination.
  • New onset related to erectile dysfunction
  • Pain or discomfort faced when sitting caused due to enlarged prostate

At times, men suffering from prostate cancer might not experience any of the above changes. There are other prostate conditions that are of non-cancerous type like enlarged prostate or BPH. It might cause similar symptoms. Symptom cause could be different medical conditions which might n be cancer. Bladder infections may cause urinary symptoms.

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