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Boxes to Tick for Proper Antique Furniture Care

French garden antiques

Antique furniture pieces are prized by many for their traditional aesthetic and vintage design. They can quickly transform any space, be it the living room or garden, and make it more elegant and sophisticated. It is no surprise that many homeowners up to this day still look for these furniture pieces for their homes.

Proper care for antique furniture is a different conversation though. People need to know how to take great care of them and keep them in good condition for a long time. Some antique owners are not well versed when it comes to their maintenance, which can spoil the beauty of these furniture pieces.

If you want to preserve the beauty of your French garden antiques, here are some useful tips that you can follow:

Place them far from air conditioning and heating vents

Antique furniture, especially wooden ones, are very sensitive to heat. Fluctuation and changes in humidity and temperature can cause wooden pieces to expand and contract, damaging them over time. So when they are placed near heating and air conditioning units, your antiques can lose their luster. Thus, put them as far as possible from other furniture or appliances that emit heat and damage the antiques.

Dust off the pieces carefully

The keyword here is “careful.” Do not use any cleaning cloth that has a rough texture or feather dusters. They can scratch the surface and leave lasting marks on your furniture. For good measure, whenever you apply wax or dust off your antiques, be extra careful and don’t try to remove marks forcefully. Use dry, soft dusters or lint-free cloth to remove the dirt. Also, there are cleaning solutions and polishes made just for antiques that you can use.

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Know your oils and waxes

Speaking of cleaning solutions, make sure to know whether you need to use oil or wax when cleaning your antiques. Some wooden pieces, when cleaned with oil, only may only get worse over time. Some people prefer applying a thin coat of wax to help clean and protect the furniture’s furnish. You can ask a restoration specialist for any special maintenance steps if you not entirely sure which is better for your antique pieces.

Don’t use polish brass mounts and handles with metal cleaners

It can be tempting to use metal cleaners to get brass mounts and handles bright and shiny. The truth is, using such cleaners might only damage the wooden parts of the furniture and remove water gilding. A little dusting off can go a long way when it comes to maintaining their vintage appearance. Antique furniture pieces are great additions to any home and make them more classy or stylish. And with proper care and restoration, you can extend the life of your antique furniture. By being mindful of how to take care of these pieces, you can better showcase their elegant and sophisticated appeal. It is also good to ask furniture restoration experts and other antique enthusiasts on proper care and handling, especially if you are not too sure about how to maintain your antiques.

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