The Best Foot Forward – Rajasthan’s Health Report

Rajasthan – the land of kings has a magnificent tryst with history. It has been on a growth trajectory off late and the current statistics seem that the trend is here to stay for some time. The state has given special preference to the programs catering to the needs and survival of girl child. In collaboration with international organizations such as UNICEF and in recognition of the central as well as state propagated schemes, the situation is witnessing commendable amount of success. Rajasthan is the first state in India to establish new borne corner, new born stabilization unit, specialized facility based newborn care units to address early neonatal mortality in all the districts of the state.

Rajasthan has the least number of people who get 90% of the stipulated calorie intake. Moreover, the calories intake of the rural population of Rajasthan is one of the highest in India. In cases of micronutrients, the situation is quite better than the other states of the country.

However, health is not only about the intake of calories or the absence of diseases but a holistic approach on the physical, mental and social well-being. The government is now contemplating a private-public partnership in public health delivery. This would give a scope to the private players to better the situation in the state with greater reachability and efficiency. This will also ensure efficient manpower and proper deliverance such as equipment and supplies.

The state as of now has come a long way in putting its best foot forward and is figuring out the best possible way to strengthen that footing. Although it has more distance to travel before being termed as the role model of the state but the rate and the intent with which it is functioning, the positive results will be on the tables pretty soon.

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