It will be hard not to find a Zari embroidery piece at any of the connoisseurs of art in India and probably abroad too. The preludes of the Rawan Haththa, the folk songs of the kings and the royals, the Kalbeliya – welcome to Rajasthan. The state of the Rajputs is a lot of the most culturally rich patches of the world. This part of India has no dearth of entertainment but surly those of the kinds deep rooted to their soil.

Entertainment has always been multi layered all through the ages in this state. Right from the royal entertainment of ‘shikhaar’ (read hunting games), which has been thankfully banned now, to the cluster of villagers dancing and singing the folklores, till the colorful dresses, Rajasthan has always been vibrant.

There are villages set up which cater to all the goodness of the state. One of them is certainly ‘Chowkidhaani’. The village with an actual set up is a tourist hotspot with most of the delicacies and cultural heritage of the state punched into a limited space. This was in a way necessary for the history that Rajasthan carries; it would actually take a life time to know of such greatness.

There is hardly any art enthusiast who might have missed the majestic forts with beautiful carvings alike to its plethora of temples and other architectural masterpieces. Each of those stones holds a heritage, a story to its being and a tale to its existence. It’s is surely not on the list of things that could be missed before we perish. Listen to folklores, they sing a story of the royals who ruled these terrains and beyond.

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