Top 6 Myths about Sinus Surgery Debunked

Spine surgery in Delhi NCR is fairly common as the number of people suffering from back pain and associated problems spirals out of control. Another common problem plaguing most people is sinus- nothing the best ENT surgeon in Gurgaon or Delhi cannot handle. But there are many myths regarding sinus surgery which are part of popular medical advice and knowledge in communities. What is the truth behind sinus surgery, and what are the tales that stand in the way of correct information? Let’s find out:

1 Packing the nose during sinus surgery is the worst thing ever

Nobody wants to have surgery but it is often the answer to a medical problem not fixed by medication. Sinus infections can sometimes become chronic and when nasal steroids and oral medication or a sinus rinse do not solve the problem, surgery can be the solution you are looking for. ENT surgeons do not pack the nose. To prevent belting or scar tissue growth, doctors now have access to absorbable packing and ointments to minimise the negative aftermath of surgical techniques.

2 Sinus is scraped

Doctors do not scrape the sinuses. Point of surgery is to widen the opening where sinuses drain and avoid damage to the mucosa as far as possible. The sinuses need to be irrigated to remove inflamed growth such as polyps, but this does not involve any scraping.

3 Sinus surgery is the perfects safeguard against further infections

This is not the truth. While sinus surgery removes the diseases tissue and opens up the sinuses, infections are still possible in the future though they can be treated with sinus rinse which will reach the open cavities. Risk of developing further complications depends on the sinus problem you experienced in the first place, whether it is allergies or polyps.

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4 Balloon sinusplasty is a tricky procedure best avoided

This is a new technology using a balloon to widen the natural opening of the sinuses. This aids in sinus surgery and treatment of the frontal sinus especially. But not all doctors offer this procedure and it is up to your medical practitioner to decide if you would be the best candidate for this procedure.

5 Sinuses drain naturally over time

For most people, this may hold true. But every once in a while, there are complications and sinus surgery may be required. This is more so when sinuses are not draining well and when they do drain, it is not complete and does not last long. Subacute sinusitis can last for weeks and chronic or recurrent versions can last indefinitely.

6 Sinus surgery is complicated and expensive

Sinus surgery is actually cost efficient and not complicated at all! The ease of procedures can be made even simpler thanks to advanced and skilled medical healthcare professionals who know their job.


Sinus surgery has become a solution for chronic or recurrent sinusitis and many people are able to access lasting relief thanks to this. Sinus surgery can make a huge difference to your quality of life and health prospects. So watch out for a Best ENT Surgeon in Gurgaon if your sinus is spiralling out of control, and watch your problems disappear.