Using a Nootropic to Boost Your Brain’s Power

Some people are naturally blessed with amazing cognitive abilities and sharp memory but not everyone. Such individuals study diligently but still fail to give up to the mark performance on the academic ground. Despite of relentless hard work, they struggle to grasp the newly learnt information’s quickly and focus on their task. The brain enhancement supplements which belong to Racetam class of the nootropic group can be used in such cases to improve the fluid intelligence. Such nootropics performs like a cognitive booster that strengthens your learning ability and memorization with minimum potential side effects.

Its mechanism

A recent research into Pramicetam has come up with a very lucid explanation on how such nootropics works in the body. All the synthesized nootropics, under the Racetam category primarily operates in the same manner that is stimulating the brain receptors for the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. It acts like a messenger between the neurons and promotes finer cognitive activity. A human brain has more than 86 billion of neurons and neurotransmitters work like a medium of communication between them.


The transfer point for neurotransmitters is called synapse. You can bring drastic positive changes in your cognitive skill with even a minuscule stimulation of these synaptic receptors and elevation of Acetylcholine. A brain enhancer nootropic binds these receptors and optimize them to increase the effect of Acetylcholine transmission. This neurotransmitter helps in the formation of new memories through the Long Term Potentiation process.


Intra-communication of the brain: These types of nootropics enable the neurons to create new connections between the synapses in order to increase the communication between them. It is an essential step to smoothen the pathway of learning and memorizing new information’s. Besides this, it also prolongs your span of attention, alertness and mental strength. Most of the reviews on this nootropic are in its favour and makes it clear that the right dose can brilliant improve your focus and academic skills.

Hippocampus is an important part of the brain. It is the storehouse of the long term and short term memories. This part, in the rodent brain is plays a huge role in spatial navigation. Certain nootropics reduces the time of Maze navigation. If it does so fruitfully, make sure the dosage is effectively improving the hippocampal action by targeting the cholinergic system. According a research into Pramiracetam, it helps boosting the memory power the rodents, a large dose of 300 mg/kg increased the blood flow in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex.

Another notable benefit of this nootropic is that it is water soluble which means you just have to take one tablet a day and its effect will last long in your body. Many users have commented that they have experienced a determined behavior and obdurate focus after using it regularly. Another mention worthy benefit promoted by this nootropic is its ability to infuse positive thoughts in your mind. When you are able to think clearly and your mind is perturbed by no negative thoughts, you can experience a strong level of concentration towards a work. This means you can swiftly perform certain tasks like reading, writing and conferencing with ease.

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