Ways to Prevent and Deal with Diaper Rash

hp_baby_200360591-001_11_final_bRed blotches and a pimply breakout on a baby’s unblemished bottom is every mother’s nightmare. Though unavoidable in little children, diaper rash can be prevented and responding quickly to any outbreak is the surest way to ensure that it clears up quickly giving minimum discomfort to your bundle of joy!

Diaper rash can be caused by several factors, and is characterised by red blotchy blistered skin. In severe cases of rashes, the skin may bleed, or ooze fluid too. Adopt practices which lessen chances of the baby getting afflicted by diaper rash.

Stay squeaky clean: The importance of maintaining complete cleanliness cannot be emphasized enough! Use soft antibacterial baby wipes to clean your baby’s skin thoroughly every time you change the diaper. If rashes break out in-spite of being careful, avoid using wipes on the breakout and use a mild soap and warm water instead.

  • Go Diaper-free: Make sure you air the baby’s bottom between every change. It also helps to use a loose diaper which allows air to circulate, keeping the skin fresh and clean. Keep the diaper as loose as you can while making sure that nothing leaks out!
  • Change the diaper often: Diaper rash is caused when a wet or soiled diaper stays in contact with the skin for a very long time. Change the baby’s diaper every few hours to prevent this. Newborns typically need more diaper changes than older babies.
  • Use a Diaper rash cream: Zinc based diaper creams form a protective layer on the skin, preventing and curing rashes and are easily available on online medical stores in India. Use one from a reputed brand, or a medicated one which your paediatrician has prescribed. The cream you choose, whether antibacterial or anti-fungal, will depend on the kind of rash you are dealing with.
  • Try a home-remedy
  • Vinegar: Vinegar helps balance out the high PH caused by stale urine. Wipe the baby’s bum with a very dilute solution of vinegar mixed with water.
  • Baking Soda:Two tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in four cups of water make the perfect solution to wash your baby’s bottom with to prevent diaper rash
  • Petroleum Jelly: one the easiest things to find in your house is petroleum jelly apply it liberally to washed skin after every diaper change to help cure rashes faster.
  • Cornstarch:Cornstarch absorbs moisture keeping skin clean. Use it instead of talcum powder for a happy dry baby!
  • Oatmeal: Add a tablespoon of oatmeal to bathwater and let your baby soak for 10 to 15 minutes before a bath. Not only will the warm water help baby relax, but the high protein content of oatmeal will soothe her soft skin and remove unwanted oil and dirt.

The methods listed above are few of the many options available to you to ensure your baby’s comfort. In addition you can browse through the available health products online in India to find an over the counter cream or lotion too!

A persistent rash accompanied by lethargy or fever can be more than diaper rash. Make sure you see your doctor and get the baby checked for a viral infection which will need sustained prescribed medication.  By prescribed lotions from Zigy which offers online medicines in Bangalore at your fingertips!

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