What are the side effects of Winstrol?

Today as per reports, there are so many people who have unhealthy eating habits which is leading them to be overweight. But at the same time they want a magic pill to give them results without taking any effort. Yes there are supplements in the market today which helps people to boost their energy so they can work out more efficiently but at what cost? Have you even known the side effects these supplements give? Do you know how badly you are risking your body by taking such pills. It is recommended for a huge research before taking such pills in your daily intake.

Let us see the potential side effects by the consumption of the supplement Winstrol:

  1. Cardiovascular – Due to fluid retention, the cardiovascular effects are seen more prominently. Due to the intake of the steroid therapy, congestive heart failure has been notice in quite a lot of people.
  2. Renal – Anabolic steroids in Winstrol are causing retention of sodium, potassium, nitrogen, chloride, phosphorus and water which further decreases urinary excretion of calcium. The patients are hence advised to report for edema. So, it is one of the most harmful potential side effects.
  3. Endocrine – Due to exogenous intake of anabolic steroids, endogenous testosterone outflow is released and further inhibited through pituitary luteinizing hormone. Due to this spermatogenesis is suppressed through the inhibition of pituitary follicle stimulating hormone. Also the patients suffering from diabetics have noticed decreased glucose tolerance which requires adjustments in hyperglucemic control.
  4. Gastrointestinal – Due to the active ingredient in Winstol, people are facing Gastrointestinal effects which are occurring during stanozolol. This further causes vomiting, nausea and acidity.
  5. Other – Female patients after taking the supplements have complained virilization which includes deepening of voice, acne, hirsutism, clitomegaly (never reversible problem), gynecomastia, more facial hair and menstrual abnormalities.
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Other common problems faced by both sex are:

nausea, ankle swelling, headache, difficulty in sleeping, new or worsening of acne, changes in sexual desires, frequent of persistent erections of penis, swelling of face, increased or decreases libdo, baldness, chronic priapism, bladder irritability, depression, cholestatic jaundice, hepatic necrosis causing death, and much more.

The supplement therefore helping an individual in getting their desired body also gives so many side effects. So instead of taking help of such supplement, it is better not to take. Nothing can be gained without hard work. Doctors hence strongly recommend people to not to fall a pray to such steroids but have a good intake of proteins, fiber, vitamin and basic healthy diet which helps to keep the body fresh and energetic. As receiving energy level from natural products would never cause side effects and in fact keep the body away from any diseases. A good intake of water is also recommended to avoid storing of water in the body. This also helps in improving the metabolism.