When is the Correct Time to Talk to Your Doctor About hip Replacement Surgery?

This is a question which a patient and an orthopedic surgeon need to answer together. But when the pain of the hips becomes so bad, that it interferes with your daily activities, it might be the right time to consider hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement cost in India is relatively on the cheap side, without compromising on the quality part. It is suggested when non surgical interventions, such as use of a cane while walking, physical therapy cannot reduce the pain surgery is the only option The other possible reasons include, pain in the joints, loss of sleep or pain that goes on to increase with the humid weather.

The primary doctor may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon, who will figure out when it is the right time for this type of hip surgery, and which is the best method under consideration. In particular cases, the doctor may be of the view that the surgery is not appropriate if you have an infection, the bone is not there and it does not have the capability to support an artificial hip. For the doctors, this surgery is the last resort as they try to resort to non surgical methods as far as possible. In case if you have advanced joint disease, hip replacement will be one of the options to provide relief from pain and return to normal activities.

hip Replacement Surgery?

How common is it?

For the last 30 years or so, people who have suffered from arthritis or hip pain have gone to experience a sense of relief and restored mobility through hip replacement surgery. Routine surgeries along with hip replacement are routine procedures performed on close to one million people on a daily basis.

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The diagnosis

In the process of diagnosis, an orthopedic surgeon will perform an examination of your hips, study the X rays and ask you to be part of physical tests. You may be asked to describe your pain and may have had a history of past hip injuries which might have gone on to affect your current hip condition. It is better to keep a record of your hip pain so that you can go on to share it with your doctor. The hip joint will be checked for its strength along with a host of activities to determine its motion.

  • The pain exists over a certain period of time
  • One is no longer mobile as they used to be
  • In the rainy weather you feel a lot of pain
  • You might have had an injury to the hips earlier

Why India?

The question that might come to your mind why replacement surgery cost in India hip is on the lower side. The reason for it is that the doctors along with the hospitals are not on a money making sphere and for them the safety and care of the patients is of utmost important. In addition to this the health care facilities in India are the best in the world.

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