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5 Essential Points to Consider While Buying Shower Curtains

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Are you searching for value-added shower curtains which can add more elegance and refined look to your bathroom? If so, here is a brief guide to help you! Shower Curtains ability to add inflection to bathroom’s interior design and its overflowing nature which adds stunning appeal to any bathroom layout, have made it the first choice for smart home and bathroom decorators.

The trend of using shower curtains for enhancing the look of the bathroom has become a smart and economical choice for home owners. Like hundred others, if you also are planning to add some new elegance in your bathroom by using shower curtains, then the current market has an abundant number of options regarding fabrics, designs, colors, and patterns of you.

However, with such a vast amount of availability, it is quite easier for anyone to get confused while buying or selecting curtains. Here, in this article, we have covered up four essential points which will help you select the best shower curtains from the myriad of hundreds. Have a look:


A shower curtains comes in a range of various materials, like vinyl, canvas, silk, Polyester, plastic, hemp, lace, and much more. Though only 3 of these above-mentioned curtain materials including fabric, vinyl, and plastic are considered as the best-selling curtain fabrics for the bathroom, there are a lot of subcategories of each material and you need to be a little bit extra careful while opting for any of them. Every material has its own set of pros and cons, and hence before finalizing any material, always makes sure to get complete details about the fabric.

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Not every shower curtains comes with great style and elegance. Before picking any up, set your mind regarding what style you want. While selecting curtains, always ensure to select the one which will complement your bathroom’s interior. While soft and non-aligned curtains may give your simple bathroom look, flowery curtains can enhance the adorability of your washroom. Likewise, silk curtains with jagged printing can improve the classy look of your bathroom.


The length of the shower curtains is what can set or break the ambiance of your bathroom. Before opting for any curtains, finalize how long or short you want your curtain to be. While standard curtains measure 70 x 70 inches, most curtains these days come in size of 50 x 78 inches. While shorter shower curtains give a chic and modern look to your bathroom, a long curtain can maintain a pointy and refined appearance of the premises.


There is no doubt that price of shower curtains can vary, by material, design, pattern, and quality. While the price of vinyl curtains can range from $10 to around $25, the price of silk curtains can go up to $50. Likewise, the price of cotton curtains ranges in between $25 and $100, polyester curtain’s price can go from $20 to $80. For expensive designer brand curtains, you can be charged around $100. Similarly, PEVA and resin curtains can cost around $10 to nearly $30.


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