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5 Tips to Convert Your Home to Contemporary

There are many reasons why you might want to upgrade your home to become more contemporary. Practical purposes include the need to make your home energy efficient as old wiring and appliances are likely to score low in this department. Aesthetically, you can stay in tune with the current trend. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re restyling your home.

1. Contemporary Art

One quick fix is to hang up contemporary wall art in colours that go well with your existing décor. Put up some abstract paintings or a modern sculpture to add that contemporary touch to your home décor.

2. Infuse Colour

The current trend is to add bright accents to make your space ‘pop’. To this effect – introduce some bright colours in each room. Add an assortment of colourful pillows to your sofa or on your bed. Paint your kitchen cabinets with fun colours and include a colour arrangement to your tiles. The trick with balancing the right colours is to ensure they are accents rather than a full-blown scheme.

3. A Glassy Affair

If your living room furniture is heavy or upholstered, putting in a coffee table made of clear glass or a glass bar cart substituting for a side table can change the look. Glass surfaces reflect light to make your space look much brighter and therefore, more spacious. Glass topped dining tables with elegant metallic bases are also gaining popularity.

4. Go International

Find some pieces of furniture or accessories that have an international flavour. Tribal masks from Africa, Scandinavian storage solutions, and vibrant South American mosaic or woven and textured rugs are great ways to usher in the contemporary look. These also prove to be quirky embellishments to your space.

5. Bring Down the Walls

Traditional interiors tend to have more walls and this can make rooms appear smaller and stuffy. Take down the walls and open up your home to make it more airy and let in natural lighting. If you have not put in a modular kitchen, this would be a great time to do that as well. Most contemporary modular kitchen designs stress on open plans with easy access to dining areas. These modular kitchens are ideal for smaller homes and apartments as the counter tops can double as a dining space accompanied by high bar stools. This gives your space a cosy and contemporary arrangement.

Revamp your home to contemporary décor and highlight the best features of your space. If you don’t want to re-do your entire home, small touches and additions to your décor should prove to be sufficient to give it a contemporary accent. Switching to a contemporary style not just brings out the best in your home, it also adds to the resale value of your property.With the variety of options available today, this can easily be done on a budget.

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