A handful of people had these fantasies of flying off to Dubai to see its magnificent feats of architecture. Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands and so much more places are waiting for you in Dubai. It’s just one destination and another every single time. It has this luxurious glow that makes it an ideal getaway for people who would just want to have some fun and spend their money for some great time.

You would have definite options of things you can do while you’re here, like strolling around their malls and finding designer clothes. You can also enjoy skiing anytime of the year with their state of the art indoor skiing area, or you can just charter a yacht and just marvel at the glory of the country and its neighboring countries like Oman. It just takes 3 to 4 hours to completely see the shorelines of the entire Dubai.

But how much would this cost you if you would cruise for 3 to 4 hours? Would it really cost you so much? Or would it just be a matter of knowing bits of tips to get you that ride? There are a few bits of tricks in getting a reasonable yacht charter Dubai prices.

One is looking for you kind of yacht because this could help you decide on which company to rent a yacht. Every company charters at least 10 yachts. Each having their own yacht that stands out from the rest of the yachts. So to narrow down your choices, you should begin by looking for the kind of yacht that you want.

There are different kinds of yacht. One is the Sail Yacht. Not a lot of people prefer this because it’s harder to maneuver than the rest because the sails would move along with the wind, and if by chance you’re sailing on your own, this could present challenges. But if you’re in for the adventure then the Sail Yacht is a great choice.

Some of other examples are Motor Yachts, and Catamaran. Motor Yachts are among the most rented kind of yacht as it offers speed and large spacious areas especially for gatherings like parties. These are also the most common kinds of yacht that you can find in most yacht charter companies. Second among the popular list is the Catamaran which is great for cruising along shallow waters like the Bahamas.

Second is that you should decide on the size. Yachts can come in really small sizes, which measures around 30 feet, or really large ones that can measure up to 210 feet. You can tell the size through the yacht’s name. It’s the first two digits that come with the name of the yacht.

In general, smaller yachts would be cheaper than the large ones. A 30 ft. yacht that could fit at most 8 people would typically cost you around DHS 800 per hour, that’s equivalent to about $220. While larger yachts that could fit up to 40 people would cost around DHS 4000, or $1020 an hour.

Once you find what sort of yacht you want or you could afford, then you can browse for which company you should charter a yacht. Among the most popular for its low prices and well maintained yachts is the Xclusive Yachts. They have a wide array of yachts to choose from and they also have tons of promos at your disposal.

Always consider what the company can offer you especially their promos so you can maximize your money’s value without needing spend a bit more for crew upgrades, or extended hours.

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