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6 Tips To Design The Ideal Bedroom For Sleep

Experienced people say that there is no such place better than home for getting the ultimate peace of mind. No matter how exotic the hotel or resort is, home is the place that provides one with the satisfaction of being secured and at ease. A person can walk blind folded in his or her home because it is a place that tends to build up a bond with the people who stay in it. Why so? This is because people design the house according to their taste and choice and keep things that they want to.

It is a personal property that a person can rely upon. Even if a thing cracks or breaks due to any carelessness or nuisance by the kids, no other person would ever have a problem or scold them without any authority to do so. People tend to design each and every room with their personal choice and outlook. Same is the case with the bedrooms. No luxury king size bed would provide one with the peace of sleeping in one’s own bedroom. There is a different plan for each and every room of a house. Not every room can be designed same. A bed room needs to have its own set of dos and don’ts and here are some tips to design an ideal bedroom that would promise a good sleep and an active day ahead.

  • Color combinations- no matter how bright a color one prefers, a bed room must have colors that suits the eyes and provides a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. The colors should not be very exciting to hurt the eyes at night before sleep. Similarly, the curtains, cupboards and other furniture must be of similar colors so that they match up with the walls and at the same time soothes the eyes too. Also, one must not keep too many furniture in the bedroom. It must be spacious and not congested.
  • Lights– having bright light everywhere is important but then the bed rooms must have some dim light along with the bright ones too. Switching on the dim lights and switching the bright lights off an hour before sleep, helps the brain in achieving its stage of going to sleep. When a person stays in a dim light for some time, the brain automatically reads the indication that it’s time to sleep and then it prepares itself for the upcoming sleeping hours.
  • No work stations– a bedroom must not have things like study table, work station, book shelf, laptops or personal computer. All these things puts the mind to work. The mind tends to think about what the eyes see. One can definitely read a story book or some other book before sleeping but one must never have an entire set of books in front of the eyes as it makes the mind wander around. Similarly, snoozing out the notification of the social media sites and cutting off from the world before sleep can help in getting a peaceful sleep.
  • Shower– a warm shower before sleeping helps in getting a good sleep.
  • Scent– lavender tends to initiate sleep.
  • Mattress– the mattress must be comfortable and clean to let one have a good sleep. Cleaning the mattress is very important as dirty mattresses tend to have bed bugs that can be injurious to health.
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In order to buy a new mattress one must consider that purchasing any random mattress can be a bad decision. One can click on in order to find the top rates brands of mattress that are durable and best in town. Some of the top brands that sells best quality mattress are as follows-

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  • Happibed mattress– these mattresses are 8.5 inches thick and are made of foam.
  • Puffy mattress– they are 10 inches thick and are made up in two layers of memory foam that presses down with the body shape and weight and are extremely comfortable.

One can easily go through the reviews on various mattress, there composition, advantages and price list on and buying them online can be an easy way out as one will not have to carry them home or hop from shop to shop to compare the cost and quality.

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