A major feature in every kitchen, as well as a major cost, is the oven. Ovens will be used in a large portion of food preparation, especially if you are looking for a commercial oven with integrated hob, so getting the right set of ovens for your kitchen is important. One aspect that is important to consider is whether to buy gas or electric, so here are some tips on what to consider.

Heat, convenience, and efficiency

If you’ve ever used a gas oven, you’ll know that some areas are substantially hotter or cooler than others. This can be worked around once you get to know your oven, but can also cut down on the usable space.

Electric ovens take far longer to heat up than gas ovens but give much more consistent heat throughout. They are also highly insulated, meaning more of the heat is going into cooking whatever is in the oven, not heating up your kitchen.

If you are buying commercial ovens with integrated hobs, this applies to that as well. With gas hobs, you have much more control over the heat being applied immediately, as the heat is the result of the flame, which can be increased or decreased with immediate effect. Traditional electric hobs take much longer to heat and cool, which can be frustrating in a professional setting. More modern electric induction hobs are much more responsive but could require the replacement of a number of pans, a substantial major cost for a commercial kitchen.


When looking at the oven themselves from a supplier such as https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk/catering-equipment/heavy-cooking-equipment/commercial-ovens-ranges, the upfront cost is relatively similar. However, all gas ovens will require specialist installation from a gas engineer, adding to costs.

Commercial electric ovens may require three phase power, which will also require specialist installation if your kitchen is not already fitted for it, especially if the appliance requires hardwiring.

Gas ovens are less expensive to run, but that is only due to the cost of gas versus electricity, as electric ovens tend to be more efficient. If utility prices change, this small benefit for gas ovens could reverse entirely.

Both gas and electric ovens have advantages and disadvantages, so consider your kitchen carefully.

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