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A key part of a variety of businesses, from convenience stores and restaurants to supermarkets and bars, is understanding how to undertake proper maintenance of commercial refrigeration systems, and the ability to recognise when they need to be replaced to avoid unnecessary stress, is hugely important.

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High-quality commercial systems should easily sustain a decade of regular use, and with consistent maintenance, they may even have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. Failure to give such a valuable asset the care and attention it needs, however, could drastically reduce the unit’s overall efficiency and result in the need to invest in a replacement significantly quicker, reducing its overall value for money.

Does your commercial refrigeration system need replacing?

As this article explains, damage to or malfunctions occurring within refrigeration systems can contribute to increased energy bills and the risk of experiencing costly levels of spoiled goods. Your business is important to you, so it is imperative that you don’t overlook this hugely significant part of your operation.

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One of the key warning signs of refrigeration system failure is an inability to maintain a consistently cold temperature. Fluctuations in temperature should not occur and there are a number of different causes for this issue. Faults with the unit’s sealing system or damage to key interior or exterior panels may result in cold air seeping out from inside the system. This will cause your refrigerator to try to work harder to keep things cool, which will ultimately increase the system’s energy consumption and overall running costs.

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If your solid door refrigeration system cannot be repaired cost effectively to a high standard, investing in a new system, such as one of the models that can be seen here, will provide you with the peace of mind that your inventory will be protected from damage and reduce your energy bills.

An investment for your business

Although undoubtedly a large investment, new systems are far more energy efficient than their older predecessors and will typically pay for themselves in a short amount of time. Going through the replacement process may seem intimidating, however, upgrading before a major failure occurs will save you a lot of stress and worry, ensuring your business avoids experiencing any potential refrigeration disasters and is therefore ultimately able to stay open to all customers every day of the year.

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