For some people, planning for a home makeover could just be about cleaning the old belongings and repositioning them. However, it is a good change to do something additional other than cleaning the old stuff. By saying that, we do not wish to indicate of opting for a renovation. No, that thing is expensive! All we are trying to say is that replacing a few pieces, adding new furniture, changing the artworks in all the rooms, and mixing up a few things here and there can extensively transform the appeal of your home.

The best part of a home makeover is that you will be able to inject new life into the boring old décor. What’s even better is that if you are able to do all this being mindful of your health, surrounding and most importantly the budget.

We have put together a few tips for an eco-friendly home-makeover:

Go with Low or No VOC paint

The fumes from paint are known to contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Fortunately, there are wall color ranges available in the market place that are rid of VOCs or may have it in negligible amounts. A few companies being influenced by the idea of a sustainable lifestyle is manufacturing paint made of natural ingredients such as chalk, clay, plant oils, etc.

Buy curtains that have natural fabric

The easiest way of a home makeover is to change the curtains in your home. Fabric materials such as nylon or polyester are derived from petroleum base. This clearly means that these are made of unsustainable resources. Also, the process of manufacturing consumes too much of energy. The curtains are also coated with chemicals to prevent stains.

You will be able to create a sustainable surrounding for yourself in case you use more natural fabrics such as organic cotton, jute, hemp and linen.

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Upcycle things for a eco-friendly home makeover

One of great ways for an eco-friendly home makeover is buy installing pre-loved furniture and choosing to avoid purchasing brand new ones in your home. The old style furniture are produced by skilled craftsmen with high grade material in comparison to the latest one that are mass produced. All it would take is a little sanding and greasing to re-furbish all the second hand stuff. It will also be considerably easy on your pocket.

Pay attention to install lightings with low electricity consumption

These days almost everyone prefers LED or CFL lightings. These are just bulbs. How about installing lampshades or fixtures made out of eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood, copper, etc. ? May innovative interior designer firms have also conceptualized light fittings made out of materials such as paper, bamboo and rope.

Use soft furnishings

Adding soft furnishings in nooks and corners of your house is a great idea for home makeover.  Throw in some cushions or little décor items here and there in order to add a splash of color. Even better in case these items of soft furnishings are re-cycled.

Use eco-friendly home fragrances

Pleasant fragrances in your room can give it a warmer feel and also help in lifting up your spirits. There are options of paraffin free candles available these days which come with a variety of pleasant fragrances. Aerosol air fresheners or even gel blocks are known to contain chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde and naphthalene that are a wiser way to make your room smell fragrant and pleasant at the same time.

These were a few tips for eco-friendly home décor which are easy on the pocket too.

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