There are several types of floorings that are used at homes and offices. Although marble, wooden, and tiled floorings are rather common these days, another rather popular type of flooring is with the use of foam floor tiles. These are basically individual pieces of foam, which are placed on the floor in order to create a more attractive and softer surface. Foam floor tiles are mainly used in playrooms or children’s bedrooms to help kids play on a nice and soft area. Sometimes foam floor tiles are also used as a suitable surface to exercise. If you look at foam floor tiles, you will notice that each tile comes with edges that are made with separate grooves in them.


When you search for foam tiles, you will notice that these are available in several varieties. Choosing the right one for you is largely based on the appearance of the tiles. Some of these tiles are made to work just fine as foam mats for babies and kids to play and some are ideally designed for kitchens and bathrooms. Some of the types of foam floor tiles have been discussed below for your benefit.

If you wish to buy foam floor tiles that have an industrial look, then there are some foam floor tiles that come with anti-skid textures that make them the best option for those of you who wish to work out on such a flooring.

Sophistication is the key for several homeowners when it comes to choosing foam floor tiles for their homes and offices. If you also fall in the same category then there are foam floor tiles that come with sophisticated wood grain patterns. This makes the tiles suitable enough to match with any space you wish to put them in.

When it comes to your kid’s room, choosing any foam floor tile may not help much. You need to be more specific in such a case. There are specially made foam floor tiles that are ideally suited for nurseries, playrooms, and children’s rooms. These come in playful colors and attractive patterns that can match well with any color scheme.

You will also come across people who do not like the traditional rectangular or square-shaped tiles in their rooms. If you also have a similar taste, then you will find triangular-shaped foam floor tiles that lets you place them in whichever pattern you want that also includes a checkerboard pattern or a chevron pattern.

Foam floor tiles are available in both 1 square foot and 2 square feet varieties. Most of these foam floorings also come with borders to give them a nice finished look. If you wish to opt for foam floor tiles that are water-resistant, you will also find such products in the market. These water-resistant ones are rather important if you wish to use them in the kitchen or bathroom or even the kid’s room.

Benefits of Using Foam Floor Tiles

Unlike any other flooring options, foam floor tiles come with plenty of benefits. Some of the key benefits have been listed below for your knowledge.

  • It may so happen that the flooring of your house is not very attractive. You may feel ashamed about this especially when you have guests at home. The best way to overcome this is to opt for foam floor tiles. The interlocking tiles can easily cover up the not so attractive flooring of your house and make it look beautiful than before.
  • Small kids and babies have an uncanny knack of falling and hurting themselves. It is certainly not possible for you to keep an eye over them all the time. The best way to prevent your kids from getting hurt from falls is to opt for foam floor tiles. These are soft and can easily stop the kids from injuring themselves as often as before.
  • Do you like to perform yoga and exercise at home? It is not possible for you to exercise on the yoga mat all the time. The best alternative is to install foam floor tiles. The soft surface provided by the tiles can easily help you exercise on them without any discomfort.
  • There are many homes with toddlers or senior citizens and creaking floors. Walking on such a creaking surface can prove to be rather disturbing, especially for older citizens. If you install foam floor tiles at home, you can prevent unnecessary noises from happening while you or any other family member walks across the rooms.

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