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Almost every homemaker has a desire for a great modular kitchen. This is the newest trend of home renovations. The modular kitchens come with a variety of color, size, and shapes. It is available in various range of budget from low to super high. The material used for modular kitchens are glass, wood, stone or steel. Whatever the material is, you or the interior designer must know the pro and cons of the materials. However with so many options selecting the correct style is really a tough job.


Modular kitchen dealer Delhi gives you all the answers to your hurdles. It specializes in customization that fulfills your needs according to your desire. You can also get the quotation of your budget that is required to modify your kitchen. It has some highly skilled interior designers that will guide you to the best available kitchen for you. It has been on the market for over fifty years. Therefore, it has the capacity to provide you the best at an affordable price.

List of categories that suit the best for you:

Straight kitchen: Straight kitchens are best applied in small homes or studios where space is very restricted. The design usually has four straight walls in which the basic necessary appliances are fitted. The sink is placed between the refrigerator and the cooking range. This is because it can be used for better clean up and abundant counter space on both sides of the cooking range. Compact appliances are the best for straight kitchens as they tend to take very low room space.

U-shape: This is one of the common and popular designs among most of the people. The layout creates a clean space where you can walk around. In this layout, the hob, sink, and the refrigerator are placed at each apex of the triangle. Thus it offers counter space for a coffee maker, food processor etc. The layout is much spacious offering the cook to move freely along some other person. A U-shaped kitchen allows space for installing extra cabinets and customized design works around the room.

L-shape: this modular kitchen consist of two adjacent walls placed against each other at ninety- degree angles. Here the other two walls are open offering an open space for free working. In this layout, the sink is placed on one side of the wall and the cooking range is on the opposite end. The advantage of this modular kitchen is; if there is more than one cook the place can be used easily for another. L kitchens are the best option for hosting parties.

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E-shape: The E-shaped kitchen is a rectangular room making the entire space as an E-shaped. An island adds a great value to a kitchen. People who look for a kitchen island but do not have enough space can opt for e shape modular kitchen. The space for movement is around the three sides giving a feel like an island. Moreover, the extra counter space can be used as a dinning place.

Parallel: This is one of the oldest styles of any modular kitchen. Like the straight modular kitchens, the parallel is also best for homes that have less space. This kind of kitchen can often be found on airplanes, cruises, restaurants etc. A parallel kitchen has a corridor running in between with appliances arranged on both sides. The advantage of a parallel modular kitchen is that it keeps the kitchen in an open and separated place. This stops the odor of the cooking from being spread all over the house. This layout of the kitchen is recommendable where there is a considerable amount of food needed on a daily basis.

Island shape: The island shape kitchen provides great functionality and proposal. It is similar to the u-shaped kitchen but only an island added to it. The island is placed in the between making work space all around it. The counter of the island can be utilized as a dining place, or to add a sink or cooking range. Even the kitchen can be utilized to make a small room and create customized designs. Apart from this, kids can have some great time if they want to spend some time while you are performing as a cook.