So, you’ve planned to move home. Are you really prepared for it? Moving is just like having a baby; you need to be watchful and cautious throughout the process that starts from packing. For those who live on rent, it’s also important that none of the owner’s property got damaged due to the mishandling of stuff.

Here are some essential elements of getting ready for moving house, so that you feel organized, ready, and excited for a new beginning.packing








Create a Moving Folder

Keep everything related to the move in one file. You can slip things in when you’re in a rush, or place them in the pockets when you have more time.  Staple on business cards, jot down important numbers, and stuff in brochures. Keep a digital folder of move-related files on your computer and in your email program.

Organize Your Furniture Needs with a Floor Plan

Identifying furniture gaps and surpluses ahead of time can help you redirect some of that moving anxiety, as well as lighten your load on the other end.

If you can’t find an official floor plan of your new place (often available online if you are moving into an apartment building), take photos and measurements of all the rooms, including windows and ceiling heights, and draw up your own blueprint.


Now is the perfect time to go through your stuff and ask those often excruciating questions: do I really need this? Moving provides a great incentive to clean house and, even if you’ll be going to a place with more space, streamlining can make a fresh start.

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Pare down first, as a separate process from packing boxes. You’ll be able to find better homes for your stuff if you are not rushed with the stress of boxes piling up everywhere.

If Movers are Packing Your Stuff

Toronto cleaning services also offer pre move packing services, and Lustre luxury cleaning is one prominent service. If you go with this option, here are my tips:

1.  Purging ahead of time is essential.

Try to get rid of the most expensive unneeded items first. You’ll have more time and energy to deal with selling or finding good homes for them.

2.  Organize your things according to your new house.

Movers will just throw stuff in boxes and mark it with the name of the room. So, if you have fall clothes in the basement, the attic, and your child’s room, that’s where they will end up in your new house and you might not find what you need for months.  If you hired professional cleaning service Toronto, you can avoid this trouble at the destination.

3.  Agree on a no-pack zone.

Designate a spot — like the bathtub — where you put anything you want with you, not on the moving truck.  This could include suitcases packed with your overnight essentials, diversions for the car trip, your first-out-last-in box, pet supplies, and your move folder.

4. What do you need the most?

Don’t be shy to ask the movers for things like a crib or a box of toys to be loaded last, and unloaded first.

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