Encompassed by water bodies on three sides, and a mountain range on one, Vijayawada makes for a striking stunner of a spot. The city of Vijayawada is one of the principle traveler destinations of the country and is popular fundamentally for its succulent mangoes, a wide combination of sweet rarities and different superb springs. This humming city is likewise known to be one of the fastest developing urban communities in the world and has moreover been given the affirmation of a Global City of the Future. So come, explore this awesome south Indian gem.

Andhra Pradesh is famous for its host of urban areas which are distribution centers of the colossal Indian history, societies, and relics that have been safeguarded well, as well as are incredible vacationer magnets in India. So on the off chance that you happen to be in Vijayawada, or particularly want to visit the city, then right after you are done looking for flights from Chennai to Vijayawada, make note of the accompanying destinations that you mustn’t miss going to.

Bhavani Island

The Bhavani Island is situated on the River Krishna and grows through 130 sections of land of area territory. Situated in close closeness to the Prakasam Barrage, the perspective of the island from a far distance and the vistas from the island, both are awe inspiring. It is one of the biggest waterway islands of the Krishna River and has, in some last two-three decades, rose as an extremely famous outing spot with magnificent infrastructural offices as far as swimming pools and watercraft rides.

Undavalli Caves

A detailed arrangement of hollows that go back to the seventh century, the Undavalli Caves are 4-stories high and hold an awesome and sprawling statue of Lord Shiva, cut out of a singular piece of rock. Lodging different such model configuration and compositional examples, these sinkholes leave an expansive number of its visitors captivated with their extravagant, rock cuts and points of superbness. Keep your cameras prepared, as this is one picture impeccable spot, furthermore can loan an unpretentious and tasteful background for your selfies, perhaps?

Kanaka Durga Temple

Kanaka Durga Temple is arranged on the Indrakiladri slope, on the banks of Krishna River and is a surely understood Hindu haven, which is dedicated to Goddess Kanaka Durga. According to the legends, Arjuna procured the Pasupata astra at this very site and in the wake of acquiring the astra, constructed this sanctuary for Goddess Durga. Navaratri, Saraswati Puja and Theppotsavam are the central celebrations held at this sanctuary consistently.

Kondapalli Fort

In the fourteenth century, Prolaya Vema Reddy of Kondavidu assembled this stronghold as a recreational and business focus. This engineering wonder has three dynamic area entryways, out of which the essential entryway is known as the Dargah Darwaja, made out of a singular bit of stone, and is 3.7 m wide and 4.6 m high. Another section entryway of the stronghold is the Golconda Darwaza, which serves as a portal to the Jaggaiahpet Village. The huge interest of this stronghold is the Tanisha Mahal, which is arranged on a crest between two slopes.

Gandhi Stupa

The Gandhi Stupa of Vijayawada is arranged on the namesake slopes and is the debut Gandhi Memorial in India to be worked with seven Stupas. The Memorial is arranged at a tallness of 500 feet on the Hill and a 52 feet tall structure. The Gandhi Memorial Library, a light and sound appear, which showcases Gandhiji’s whole life history, and a planetarium have similarly been worked to extend the connecting with nature of this spot.

Vijayawada is overflowing with model engineering wonders of the former times, which till date have been drawing in devotees in extensive numbers from distant locations abroad. So if you too are one of those admirers of design and history, then plan a trip to Vijayawada soon.

And yes, for your kids, the Queens Land water park is an ideal destination. Have a wonderful family time there!

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