A coffee table occupies the focal point of your living room. When guests first visit your home, they are greeted by us in the living room. Even though the idea of a coffee table having an effect on the overall aesthetics of the room might seem overboard, but trust me, if done right, can completely change the look and feel of the place. Coffee tables designed for your home by Urban Ladder provides you with ample options to choose the perfect coffee table from. The key is to choose wisely though. Sounds intimidating? Do not worry, mate! We have got your back. Keep reading as we guide you through to selecting the perfect coffee table and also suggest you ways to decorate it the right way.

  • Colour and contrast: The key to make your coffee table stand out in a room of other furniture and colored walls is to contrast it perfectly. How do you do that? Well, that’s easy. If the background of your room has a muted setting, say mostly whites and nudes, go for bold colors. Otherwise, go for tables with a black glass finish or wooden ones. Use the same logic for the table decor! Put a pop of color if the table has dark colors. You can put colorful trays or freshly cute sunflower or orchid stands in a metallic vase. The operative idea is to tone down the color yet not make it too bland. One should complement the other!
  • Go clutter free: Never suffocate your tabletop with items. That is not a place to put all your souvenirs on display! A lot of items on the table also make your room look small and congested. The idea is to put minimal items so that they are noticeable. Also, try not to place them at the eye level. Place few books on the table if you are into reading and to complement that height place something on a lower platform so that both the items become visible. A high low setting works well. You could also keep one side completely empty and arrange the items that you want to put on display only on one particular side!
  • Think out of the box: Instead of following the age-old clichés of decoration using vases and showpieces, you could twist the decor. This comes with an advantage! You can permanently ward off the idea of boring your guests. Sounds exciting, right? Well, keep board games like scrabbles or Chinese checkers or even chess! A deck of cards can also do the trick. Again, the central idea is to not clutter. So choose few but ensure they are interesting enough to keep your guests hooked.
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Choose wisely. There will be rules, but then nothing beats your sense of perception. Rely on your sense of judgement, while keeping the above points in mind. We assure you of leaving a long lasting impression on your guests!

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