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Important Points to Consider While Buying a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is the most optimum solution for staying away from heating in spite of the revolution of appliances and gadgets at home. It is a simple supplement for making your home cool. It has many advantages as it improves the air circulation as well as enhance the cooling effect. Here, we will help you in finding the best ceiling fan to match your needs. Whether you are buying it for the first time or it is a replacement for the existing one, the available choices for ceiling fan companies in India are overwhelming. Currently, ceiling fans have many brands, prices, styles and types. They all have different materials, motors, intuitive controls and finishes. These tips will surely help in avoiding mistakes, and buying the right one for the home, and office.

Size of the room

This is the first thing which must be kept in your mind while you decide to buy a ceiling fan. The size of the room will decide what diameter of the ceiling fan will be suitable for it. Every individual wants one that provides air circulation in every corner of the room. So, buy the fan while keeping the size of the room in the mind as the size of the ceiling fan is correlated to the size of the room. The manufacturer’s size guide will surely help you in deciding the size of the fan as per the area of our room.

Material of Blade

Choosing the material of the fan blade is another important thing to do. Traditionally, fan blades are made up of plastic, wood, and metal. But, now they are available with different decorum and polished look. This can be decided only by the surroundings of the room. If you are buying the fan for the inside of your house, then you can prefer any kind. But, if you are choosing for outside your house, then for a damp covered porch, you need one that can handle moisture efficiently and it has no direct contact with rain or water. For wet direct weather, you need one which can withstand ice, snow and rain. In fact, for the purpose of the bathroom, UL-listed fans are specifically designed to serve the purpose.

Blade Pitch

The blades of the fan will decide the air circulation in the room. Therefore, the blades must be at an angle of 12-15 degrees for maximum circulation. The one with less than 12 degrees might not stand on your expectations.


The motor is an important thing while you buy among the top 10 fans brands in India. High-quality motors that have sealed bearings and heavy-duty windings will be permanently lubricated. So, look for high-quality motors. Lower quality motors will not be efficient to produce optimum air circulation. Motors must have a long lasting life.


When you buy a ceiling fan, you must take a look at the life span and warranty of the fan.

Keep in mind all these points as these will be surely a great help in buying a new ceiling fan.

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