3 most exotic and the rarest diamonds on earth

When you debate on diamonds, the quality, and its rarity should be equal to its value. Naturally, the price range of diamonds depends on the uniqueness and absence of colour on them because the ones without any hues are considered to be the purest and the rarest. The fancy colour diamonds of the colours like saturated pink, green, and blue diamond’s that are above the budget range are also the rarest of all.

Even the slightest colour difference in the diamonds can get a huge difference in their prices. A few black can are also sold using Swarovski Crystals . As compared to the fancy yellow and brown diamonds, a diamond that comes with an eminent sign of any other colour are also given more priority than others, and even if they are found in lighter tones or poor saturation, they are categorized to the fancy colours.

Some of the rarest colours of diamonds include red, pink, and green with slightly medium to dark tones and moderately saturated. If you looking for sparkle like diamond and short of budget you may try cubic zirconia

Red diamonds

The diamonds that are red are the rarest diamonds in the world, and the genuine red diamonds don’t exist or have not been discovered yet. The ones that are found in the market today are available in a shade of red with a tinge of purple or brownish. Two of the most famous red colour stones of all time is the Mousaieff red and the Hancock red diamonds. These are among the most famous diamonds available in the market because of its high price.

Pink diamonds

The pink colour diamonds are the most popular in the market as compared to the yellow and white diamonds. The pink shade diamonds are popular because of their feminine and romantic colours and at the same time because of their impressive investment potential as well. Women love pink coloured diamonds because of its beauty and passionate appearance. The Graff Pink, Steinmetz Pink, and the Perfect Pink are some of the demanded pink stones in the market today.

Green diamonds

These are the fanciest gemstones of all, and it is impossible to notice if any type of the artificial enhancement has been done in the green diamond to enhance the colour. The green diamonds are a lot different from that of other coloured stones that cannot be enhanced easily. This is why most of the diamond cutters leave a natural tone along the thin border of the stone to reduce the grade clarity of the gemstone. Some of the rarest of the green gemstones include Dresden green and the ocean dream diamond.

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