Whether you want to be into banking, or you want to pursue a course in Engineering, one entrance exam is all you need to clear to have a flourishing career in your desired field. However, the road to clearing entrance exam is among the tough ones. You need to be completely dedicated, positive and confident when preparing for any entrance exam. Moreover, due to limited seats and surplus of applicants, the road becomes even more crowded to make through. When looking to appear for any entrance exam, you have to have a proper strategy and sheer commitment to its preparation. In order to formulate a strategy, you can consider the tips and tricks mentioned below.

Preparation Tips for Entrance Exam

Make a Feasible Study Plan

Every student’s preparation for an exam begins with creating a timetable, which is even suggested. However, most of the students create study plan which looks good but are difficult to follow practically. When preparing a timetable, ensuring the following factors can help in making a feasible study plan which is easy to follow.

  • Make a weekly study plan.
  • Set a target of completing certain subject or sections from the syllabus.
  • Prepare the study plan according to 6 days and keep one day for the revision and test.
  • Allocate time to each subject/section based on your expertise in them. Give extra time to weak topics/sections/subjects.
  • Do not stretch the timetable till the exam date. Try to revise everything a month or two before the examination date, if possible.
  • Use the rest two months for practicing mock tests.

Don’t Lack in Execution

It’s easy to create a study plan as suggested above, problem start appearing with the execution of the plan. It is very important to stick to the plan that you create to crack entrance exam. Any negligence in following the plan will affect your chances of clearing entrance exam adversely. You might be having multiple chances to appear for the exam, but then also you will need to have a good study plan and proper execution of it. Remember – There is no shortcut to success.

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Practice Mock tests

Once you are done with the thorough preparation of the syllabus for your UPSC  entrance exam 2017, it’s time to test yourself. Considering you have ample time left till the exam date, start taking mock tests on regular basis. Doing so will not only help in being familiar with the exam pattern but will also help you in ascertaining your preparation, speed, accuracy, and above all, your weak areas which you need to work upon. So, practice previous years’ question papers, join online mock tests and plan your further preparation for the exam accordingly.

Join Coaching Institute

One of the best things about coaching institute is that they offer a proper guided approach to the student to prepare for an entrance exam. Moreover, these institutes are also known for conducting mock tests from time to time which helps students in evaluating their performance, especially their weak areas which need to be focused more. And, a student even gets to know about his or her performance among others.  However, you can also do all this without joining any institutes.

Hold Your Nerves

As the date of examination starts getting closer, many students, even after preparing well, start panicking. And thus, they are unable to clear the exam. So, it is important for a candidate to stay positive, have confidence in his/her preparation when appearing for the exam. In the end, everything depends on how well you perform in the exam. So, learn to hold your nerves and remember to make your hard work be counted in the exam.

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