8 Unusual Teambuilding Ideas to Try

Break-away days for team-building need to engender a sense of fun, energy and positivity outside the normal working environment.


The choice of activity is vital. Is it viewed as offbeat, fun and, most importantly, a new experience, or are the team yawning before they start?

The importance of team building is widely recognised.

Consider the following unusual ideas to liven the interest and enthusiasm.

A good provider of team-building exercises such as Armourgeddon should offer a range of different challenges – anything from the ubiquitous paintballing to a tank driving experience.

Food and drink appeal to all as individuals but offer classroom-type team exercises with a competitive edge. The advantage with cooking is that it can become a regular ongoing formula.

Group building is an aggregate term for different sorts of exercises used to improve social relations and characterize parts inside groups, regularly including community assignments. It is unmistakable from group preparing, which is outlined by a consolidate of business chiefs. Group building is a standout amongst the most generally utilized gathering improvement exercises in organizations. This underlines the significance of clear destinations and individual and group objectives. Colleagues wind up noticeably associated with activity wanting to distinguish approaches to characterize achievement and disappointment and accomplish objectives. This is expected to fortify inspiration and encourage a feeling of proprietorship. By distinguishing particular results and trial of incremental achievement, groups can quantify their advance. Numerous associations arrange a group contract with the group. This accentuates enhancing colleagues’ comprehension of their own and others’ individual parts and obligations.

Mystery Food Tasting – Blindfold

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Themed perhaps by cuisine or with macabre objects, such as a squirmy woodland trial, challenging the individual but supported by team clues or knock-out rules.

Cooking Challenges

The possibilities are myriad – by cuisine or culture or created from unusual or pre-selected ingredients requiring imagination or a team situation to produce a culinary meal challenge.

Alcoholic Beverages and Cocktails

Anything from tasting eclectic drinks to creation of combinations – a twist on the standard wine tasting. Bring out the inner mixologists within the team and create a suitably branded corporate cocktail.

Opposite Gender Day

Sense of humour required! A great photo opportunity for the corporate blog and extra points for creativity. Simply dress up as the opposite gender, or take it further with dressing as another team member and stay in character.

Sumo Wrestling

Dress in sumo suits and it is your turn to push the boss around and flatten them on the floor. Or split into teams and go for it!

Blow It Up

Inflatable fun extends to slides, giant jousting and ball pits and fulfils that secret hankering to play on the bouncy castle or push your colleagues over.

Join the Circus

Learn a new skill and put on a circus performance – acrobats, trapezes, juggling, tight wire, unicycle, diablo, silks and, of course, clowning.


Take your performing skills to new heights by treating an unsuspecting audience to an apparently random pop-up performance – think St Trinian’s flash mob at Liverpool Street Station.

Whatever your choice, keep the team interested.