Common Celebrity and Corporate Speakers’ Topics


Celebrities may be considered as the most controversial human beings. From grand issues, in the past or in present time, either a positive or a negative one, these personalities really shine brightest which makes the public curious about every bit of their life. It is not surprising that their audiences, the society, tend to adopt almost the whole packaging their celebrity favorites. These include the celebrity’s lifestyle, outfit preferences, mannerism, even their hairstyle, and most alarmingly, even using celebrities decision making strategies as a basis on coming up with a specific person’s own judgment.  In this era wherein accessibility to information are being delivered right in front of you, and the process of transmitting data only takes few moments through the mediums of web or a phone, it is stress-free to distribute knowledge regarding a certain issue, most frequently, concerning a celebrity’s life. Although, such technological progress would only be great if used with enough responsibility.

Moreover, celebrity’s fame doesn’t only tackle popularity because of the above aspects; these also include reputation-wrecker issues and experiences that surely hit the media’s and society’s ears, which likewise a burden to even the most experienced companies. It is no secret that many celebrities have fallen victims to drug addiction and dependence. The Hollywood industry has lost many young and talented actors because of drug-related problems and health issues. Alcohol abuse continuous to reign among causing extensive damages in forms of problems which may lead to fatal injuries or severe incidents if not prevented, and this topic has become one of the more popular ones that corporate speakers usually tackle. Celebrities where not exempted in murder-related issues. In fact, by conducting a simple research regarding this, you will see a couple of celebrity names listed under people who have killed, or been accused of committing such crime.

Meanwhile, aside from the negatives, there still remain positive stories of some celebrities, or at least, a negative start with a positive outcome. These embrace inspirational stories of three celebrities, namely:

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Oprah Winfrey – It is just a small setback when Winfrey was fired from her first TV job because of excessive “emotional involvement” with her stories. But that is not enough to break her great deeds. Growing up in poverty and suffering abuse does not stop Winfrey from being a millionaire at the age of 32. Her inspiring story mainly encourages people to turn weaknesses into strengths.

Jay-Z – Making your own success when no one’s willing to help is what make Jay-Z story completely amazing. Growing up in Marcy Avenue housing projects located in Brooklyn, he decided to release some videos through singles-only deals, but unfortunately, no label would sign him. And so he and his friends risked creating their own record label named as the Roc-A-Fella Records. Their decision really paid off.

Steve Buscemi – Buscemi reminds us about the significance of never forgetting your roots. He is known as a Hollywood actor, director and a humble lifesaver. Before he hits the silver screen, Buscemi generously spent a week working 12-hours shifts to contribute in saving lives. And the best thing about this man is his refusal to discuss his firefighting activities in interviews.

Aside from the above life stories, there are still lots of other celebrities’ inspirational life stories that you may use as a motivation and guidance for your own. A good corporate speakers agency will tell you that not all celebrities are problematic as some are genuine human beings who have many good stories and experiences to share to people.These prove that in spite all negative feedbacks thrown among celebrities, if we will take a closer look together with broader understanding, we may harvest some life lessons that may be beneficial for today and up to our future.