Helping children to buy gifts for parents

There is a certain age where children are old enough to want to buy their parents gifts for birthday’s or Christmas or Father’s or Mother’s Day. They are past the age where they are happy to make something, but they are not quite at the age where they have enough pocket money to spend on something substantial. And typically, the parent is still in the space where they don’t want their youngster to spend much money on them. So, what do you do? It is important that you find a way to let the youngster get something but at the same time, they need to learn about saving and the value of money. So, something small and useful works, ideally with a homemade card. Here are a few ideas that could work.

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Stay Charged

Everyone has a cell phone, and everyone needs chargers. While it is true that each new handset comes with a charger, these tend to break or get lost. And even if they don’t there is space for diversification. How about a car charger for instance? Or, if the need calls for it, do an online search for a phrase like ‘USB wall charger Australia’ to see what comes up. It’s another type of charger to solve a need and, bought online you can probably find it at quite a good price.

Cheap thrills

If the parent is a reader spend some time at a second-hand book store. These tend to be great places to find well-priced treasures. With a little bit of knowledge about the type of material mom or dad like to read you should almost certainly be able to find something appropriate. An added benefit with books is that the youngster can write a message inside the cover so that each and every time you the parent rereads the book there is a reminder of a special time in the past. It makes for great memories.

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Tasty delights

Almost everybody has a weakness for something tasty. It might be chocolate or nougat, or dried fruit or Turkish Delight. It doesn’t really matter what it is, what matters is that your child knows what you like as their parent. From there on, it is all pretty easy. They don’t need to buy anything too huge, just a little something that is nicely wrapped, and which can be shared – or enjoyed in private after the rest of the family has gone to sleep.

Licence holder

Very simple and very effective. Also, quite easy to come by and not overly expensive. Branded licence disc holders for the car are a nice touch for a parent who loves cars. The drill is simple, dad drives a Mercedes and he is really proud of it. Find a permanent licence disc holder that is Mercedes branded and he will have it on the inside of his windscreen for as long as he has the car. Very simple and cheap and, as with most of the other gifts listed here, something that will invoke a memory each time it is viewed.

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