The life and inventions of John Logie Baird

inventions of John Logie Baird
inventions of John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird was born in Scotland in 1888 and the wanna-be soldier who was not allowed to sign up due to a number of health conditions spent a lot of time tinkering away in his workshop. He is the man credited with bringing us the television.

It is hard to imagine a world where the humble television set didn’t exist as nowadays so much of our life revolves around the flat screen in the corner of the room or situated on the wall of our living rooms. Technology has advanced dramatically since Baird’s first invention and we have so many different options available to us in terms of the television set that we buy and the aerial that we use to receive the pictures. If you are in need of help with your TV aerial then steve unett aerials provide a tv aerial repair cheltenham service and it would be worth contacting him so you can sit down and enjoy your favourite television programs. TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham companies can help with a variety of aerial needs.

John Logie Baird created his first television set using an old tea chest. The other materials that he used included sealing wax and glue, scissors, darning needles, some bike light lenses and an old hat box. He started playing around with the idea for his invention as a result of his mover to Hastings in 1923 because of his increasingly poor health. He had a dream of seeing a moving image transferred onto a screen but not everyone believed in his vision and some even thought him to be mad. When he looked for publicity by approaching the Daily Express the editor refused to meet him stating that he was “a lunatic …..who says he’s got a machine for seeing by wireless”. If only the editor had had a crystal ball maybe their decision would have been a different one. In 1925 the first successful transmission of “Stooky Bill” who was the head of a ventriloquist dummy.

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inventions of John Logie Baird

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In 1935 Baird’s television was trialled against another one that was an all-electronic system and unfortunately for Baird his did not stand up to the competitors version. Just two short years later in 1937 his system was dropped completely and Baird died at the young age of 58. Regardless of his invention not being taken up he is still seen as one of the leading lights in the development of the television set.


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