Rajasthan fails to deal with Cyber-Crime!

When Cyber-crime is concerned, Rajasthan is one state that lacks facilities to deal with it. According to Rajasthan police, they have expressed their concern over the deficiency of the required infrastructure to deal with cyber-crime. It is important to have the right kind of IT system in the state counter cyber-crime.

Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime

These days, online criminals are spreading their traps all over and Rajasthan is one of the states where the percentage of cyber-crime is increasing day by day. The lack of IT infrastructure visibly encountered when two day training program on Information Technology held in Rajasthan. The ADGP of Crime Branch Mr Ajit Singh has said that Rajasthan needs to pull up the shocks and should avail the required infrastructure and equipment to fight with cyber-crime. He added saying that there are several countries around the globe which are victimized of online crimes.

Rajasthan should start thinking shortly as the state will soon to be known as the hub of cyber-crime. According to Mr. Singh, consumer awareness in information technology can be effective and helpful. The IT awareness should control rising incidence over crimes. Thus consumers should pay caution against disclosing personal and confidential information while working on net banking, online gambling and online quizzes. People facing these should contact to cyber-crime units in Jaipur and in districts.

It is fact if people start thinking seriously administration will be there to help them and Rajasthan police is also taking initiative to learn and leverage their IT infrastructure for safer online transactions.