dedicated host driving
dedicated host driving

Large business houses in Rajasthan have recently realized that a multitude of benefits are rendered by dedicated servers. While individuals and SMEs prefer to hire shared web hosting for its inexpensive entry point, enterprises with websites encountering high traffic opt for dedicated hosting plans.

dedicated host driving
dedicated host driving

Unlike shared hosts, dedicated servers do not comprise of setup constraints which come attached with standard accounts. Rather it boosts sites which experience growth.

Some major advantages of such dedicated server plans are as follows:

Performance: In dedicated servers, a business owner need not sharing system resources (like processor power, memory and disk space) with other websites which are hosted atop the same server.

Greater Reliability: There is no risk of server slowdowns due to heavy traffics and website crashes.

Security: The server is solely access by one business which ensures a very high degree of security.

Custom Configuration: The configuration of the server can be customized as per business needs. Special software can be used to automate processes and optimize the server.

Custom Firewall: One can run a tailored firewall as well as enjoy root access control.

Your own IP address: The IP address is unique which is why site traffic is easily passed.

Upgrade Path: One can upgrade the server configuration for more memory. Additionally extra processors and disk space can be added.

SLA: All the above enlisted are protected by a robust Service Level Agreement.

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