Take Stock and Make Your Life Simpler


In the modern times that we live in things are becoming more and more complicated on a daily basis. In short, as the world becomes increasingly connected and urbanised the options of things available to us increases. And while we might feel that we are spoiled for choice we are also, on many levels, just getting bogged down by having to decide between too many meaningless things. We should spend more time enjoying the simple things in front of us, like our friends and our family and a whole lot less time focussing on the quickest route from one place to another or which brand of handset is the best in its price range. Here are a few tips of how to simplify your life and in turn to maximise joy for yourself.

No need to second guess

There are lots of options all over the place, and there is nothing that we can do about that. The key with simplifying your life is to make a decision and tick to it. And while it is okay to reassess your decision at some point in the future, you cannot be reassessing it every second day and asking if you made the right call. In short, do your research, make an informed call and go with it. For example if you are looking into suppliers of utilities, go to a few energy comparison websites, see what is going to work for you and sign up. There is no reason to revisit the scene again in a week. You need to move on, content that you have made the best possible decision.

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We don’t spend nearly enough time playing. One of the joys of being a child is that we can lose ourselves in games and imagination. It’s a wonderful place to be and it means that we are away from the responsibilities and weight of everyday life. It is why children who grow up in abject poverty or in harsh circumstances are still able to smile and be happy – because they are able to escape the complexities and horrors of reality through play. Adult play doesn’t have to be childlike, it could just be reading a book, or solving a crossword puzzle or going to the cinema. Just make sure that you do things that allow you time out from the everyday business of processing and decision making.

Know your rules and apply them

It is important to know who you are and what you stand for. This might be from a religious perspective or it may be your own set of guiding principles. Whatever it is, it is important to know who you are and what you stand for, and in defining that you create a frame work for decision making and for deciding how you are going to deal with the complexities that life throws up. If the guidelines are in place then the choices that need to be made will follow naturally and life from that point on is a simple affair.

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