These Toys Could Make You A Millionaire Someday

SomedayWe’ve all heard about those lucky folks who dig out an old playing card from their attic, only to find that it’s worth a life-changing amount of money. Believe it or not, your old toys could also be worth a fortune. What’s more, the toys you buy for your kids today could end up become valuable collectors items in the future. Watch out for these toys – their collectible appeal and iconic design could make you a lot of money someday in the future.

  1. The classic racing car: We all loved those racing cars as kids – the ones that zoom around in circles and can be timed to race with your friends. Keep an eye out for the hobbyco slot cars for sale – this type of toy has seriously stood the test of time, making it an obvious collectors item for the future. Not only will your kids get hours of fun out of these zooming cars and their sleekly designed tracks, they could also save them for the future as collectables.
  2. Star Wars action figures: No movie franchise has sparked a collectable craze quite like Star Wars. If you have any old Star Wars merchandise or action figures from your childhood, or if you’re still buying the toys for your children who are fans of the latest films from the franchise, you’ll definitely want to hang on to these. Rare Star Wars-related items have been known to fetch thousands at auctions, and who knows just how much more valuable they’ll become in the future.
  3. Beanie Babies: Remember those cute little Beanie Babies from the 90’s? Well, they didn’t turn out to be quite as valuable as we might have hoped, but particular characters or special edition stuffed toys from the Beanie Baby range can still fetch big bucks at auctions. Sift through your old collection to make sure you’re not hanging on to a rare valuable Beanie.
  4. I. Joe dolls: The modern G.I. Joe action figures may be exciting for your little boy to play with, but they’re probably not worth a whole lot more than the price you paid for them in the toy store. However, older prototype G.I. Joe dolls continue to generate an impressive amount of buzz amongst collectors, so make sure your childhood action figures are working for their keep rather than collecting dust in a storage box.
  5. Matchbox cars: Kids still love to collect those cute little Matchbox cars, but some adults are willing to pay a pretty price for one of the old-fashioned special edition toys. Over the years, Matchbox released unique or limited-edition versions of their signature cars, and these toys can lead to a hefty sell in the auction room. If Matchbox isn’t available in your area, special edition Hot Wheels cars are also a major item for collectors.
  6. First edition books: Childhood classics can become big attractions for nostalgic collectors, and first editions are always the aim of the collecting game. If you have any first edition copies of childhood favourites, make sure you keep them in great condition in case you may want to part with it someday for a big payday. Favourites like Harry Potter and Where the Wild Things Are have both fetched prices in the thousands at auction.
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