It’s Not Just About the Good Looks

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Modelling is a flourishing industry in the country today. It is treated by many as the pathway to their claim to fame as a film star. However, there are few others who are serious about taking modelling up as their sole profession and hence concentrate on the ramp rather than on the camera. If you are planning to enter into this industry of glamour, there is one really important thing that you must understand- good looks are not enough. In fact, people can opt for surgeries and makeovers and become commercially viable pretty. If that were so, everyone would have been a model today!

So, there is something else that makes you tick and that is your personality. You must have the right kind of pleasant personality which you will be commercially viable and accepted. Now, how do you convince the modelling agency that you are approaching that you have what it takes to reach the top?

Taking the first step

Let’s talk about first things first. Generally people begin modelling and get their assignments from the modelling agents. The moment a model becomes a pretty known face or a fresh face which shows potential is taken in by a big modelling agency. However, whatever you do, you are the one who will have to approach the modelling agencies and for that you will need your portfolio. In the modelling world, the portfolio is your resume and you will have to get it prepared.

The right pictures for the perfect portfolio

You need to have a right portfolio so that you can approach the agents for assignments. So what does a right portfolio mean? Well, suppose you go to a photographer and ask her/him to create a portfolio for you. You put on nice make up, great clothes that accentuate your curves, do your hair properly, and go to the sets or if budget is less- the outdoor setting. And during the shoot, you look straight into the camera with focus on just how you look.

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Well, this is not what the industry wants. Modelling is not about walking the ramps anymore. Most of the modelling agencies have tie ups with advertising firms, and hence, they hire models to act in commercials too. Thus your face needs to be expressive. Your personality should get reflected in the pictures. This is as much as your job as the photographer’s. If the photographer that you approach has been doing modelling portfolio photographers in Delhi for quite some time now, he will know the demands of the changing market. If your face is not as expressive as you would want it to be, you need to practise and be extra cautious about it during the portfolio shoot. Do not smile too hard or react too much, for that makes the picture look artificial and that is the last thing that the modelling agencies want to see! Just keep it natural and make sure that the photographer grasps your personality through the pictures.

Just as your personality is of even greater importance than looks when it comes to comes to modelling, it is also equally important that you get your portfolio from a professional who knows how the entire process works.