The Land of the Kings- and Diplomacy

They say that once Akbar said to Salim –“Son, politics is diplomacy. Don’t nudge in it at this age. You will not appreciate it”. Both Akbar and Salim have perished off, but these words still reign in the nations around the globe. Politics remains complex, at times confusing and nothing much of it changes when we arrive at Rajasthan – the land of the kings.   Once dominated by the Rajputs, the region mired into tumultuous times at many intervals. Political strains carried their legacy into the ‘Andar Mahals’ of the dynasties. Came in the Mughals and the strives went bizarre. At first, resistance then reconciliation and hence, started diplomacy. But then, let history rest at peace.


All those years later, in the 21st century, a handful of political parties have emerged as the front runners – the Indian National Congress, the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and few regional parties. Leaders of both the parties have flexed their muscled at the state legislatives during their reigns. As of now, BJP dethroned the then incumbent Congress bringing in Smt. Vasundhara Raje back to the helm of governance of the State for her second stint as the Chief Minister.  Smt. Raje is also the first woman Chief Minister of the state. The state with rich natural resources is a great economical contributor of the nation.


Rajasthan houses a number of tribes and castes as prevalent from the previous ages.  The political clout of the state has always been a tight rope situation for every group needs to be paid due heed. However, the state has shown enormous maturity in its development and the time ahead holds great opportunity for Rajasthan and the country.

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