Headwear In Golf: What You Must Know


The last inconvenience you want during a solid round of 18 holes is sunburn or other nasty situations caused by a lack of headwear occurring. While all the other components that come with a playing a game of golf are obviously important, it is always vital to have something on your head, which will safeguard your health and hopefully also improve your game. As much as the ball chosen or club picked for a particular shot down the fairway or across the green is key, so is the attachment you have on your head during those couple of minutes – and the hours that flank that shot.

Watch out for the burn

Even if weather conditions are cloudy and overcast, and you feel the sun is not really going to be a factor during your three, four, five, six and seven or eight hours on the golf course, it really is a factor – and must not be taken lightly. It actually needs to be taken very seriously – and a way of doing this is to pick one of the many golf hats on offer. Whether it is a standard cap, all-round brim hat or something older school like a floppy or baggy, the choices are several, and just waiting for you to go with one and enjoy.

Necessary shading

As much as sunburn and the related poor effects from it are a consideration when wearing a peak or a brim are real, so is the need just to have momentary glint or shine from the big yellow orb up above deflected during a crucial shot. It’s imperative that everything is just right, or as right as possible, when you make that important shot toward the green, hole or latter half of the fairway. If you were making the shot without something on your head, you would be more susceptible to the damage that could be caused. Take note, please.

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Fashion statement

The brim, peak, baggy or other does not have to be purely functional, it can also make a statement about your fashion – as we have seen in many instances across the golf world. While pants and trousers are historically the more traditional way of making a fashion statement, what you have on your head could do the same – and arguably stand out more because it is higher up on your body than the bottom-half nature of pants. So colours, shape, brand names and sizes are the among the numerous factors that can be used to make said statements – and perhaps get you on the list of most fashionable golfers at your club or within your town or region.


While not the most expensive piece of golfing sports equipments, caps and hats are well priced across their various ranges. Shopping around is important – and selecting the one or two that ultimately suit your pocket. It’s all really about your preferences, and what you are wanting the cap to effectively achieve besides protecting your head from getting burnt. It might sound trivial, but players who are balding need to pay special attention to the cap they choose – they should get one that covers their whole head, not just acts like a visor for the forehead.